When a brand also or company emails me about bangle bracelets, my inner skeptic immediately assumes they’ll be comically significant on my tiny wrists, and I delete the email automatically. Well…my inner skeptic should have actually felt charitable a couple of weeks ago, because I clicked via to the Alex and Ani webwebsite wbelow I was greeted by those magic words, “change the bangle for a perfect fit”.

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“Hmm…”, I thought. “I’ll be the judge of that. Let’s watch if you can fit my freakishly tiny wrists”.

After a brief email exchange wbelow I was assured these bangles could accommoday the tiniest of wrists, I agreed to provide them a testimonial. I picked a shade (Rafaelian Gold), and waited for it to arrive.

When the package arrived, I was surprised to not only find two bangles (I was only expecting one to review), however one of the bangles was even personalized with a small cinjury of my first initial (additionally in silver)! What a thoughtful and also unsupposed touch! Points scored, Alex and Ani!


A little around the bangles:

Made of eco-friendly, recycled mixed metals in the USA. Mostly made of brass.Rafaelian Gold &Rafaelian Silver contain NO nickel, which is the culprit that normally transforms costume jewelry green (I specially asked around this bereason I normally prevent costume jewelry for are afraid of “greening”). Yellow Gold and Shiny Silver bangles contain only 5% nickel.A few bangles come in sterling silver and 18k vermeil.Wash with gentle soap and also water.

But…are they really adjustable?


I fiddled through the bangle for a couple of minutes prior to I figured out exactly how to adjust it. Ssuggest bending the bangle from the single wire end progressively renders the bangle smaller sized. I sat and gently bent the bangle from this spot for a couple of minutes prior to trying it on and properly made it similar, if not a tad bit smaller than my teeniest of bangle arm bands.

For recommendation, my wrists meacertain about 5 inches roughly at the smallest suggest.

Silver bangle procedures 2 1/4″ in diameter

The second bracelet Alex and also Ani sent out me is a little beaded bracelet, which unfortunately can’t be readjusted smaller sized. The beads run alengthy the single wire, which is the finish that needs bending if it’s to be made smaller. Keep in mind to those of you who are small-wristed…if you purchase and plan to change Alex and Ani bracelets smaller, don’t buy the beaded ones!

Beaded “embellished” bangles are not great for small wrists

I plan to perform a little bit of surgery on this bracelet to rerelocate some of the beads, so I can readjust it smaller sized.

I did some snooping via the rest of the Alex and also Ani bangle arm bands, and also was pleasantly surprised by the array of cdamages obtainable.

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Would I purchase these? Yeah, I would certainly. In truth, I’ve currently been reasoning around exactly how cute a nice stack of these would look via my little watch, specifically via “arm parties” being all the rage. Although I’d more than likely buy these as a gift prior to purchasing for myself. The single cinjury arm bands would certainly make great presents for fellow small-wristed women, or even ladies that have a tough time finding larger bangles, since these not only change smaller…they additionally expand also bigger. I’m tucking this principle amethod for Christmas. :)

Alex and also Ani arm bands have the right to be found at the Alex and Ani webwebsite, Nordstrom & Amazon.