I have actually my peak panel transparent. It looks nice, except for once I browse the internet, the black bar alengthy the optimal of chrome, which looks pretty against the non-transparent panel, sticks out like a sore thumb against the optimal panel. Here is a picture:

Is tright here some means I have the right to make the optimal bar in chrome transparent as well, so that they both look nice together? Thanks for any type of aid in breakthrough.

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The peak panel style you"re making use of is controlled by Chrome themes. You have the right to go to Chrome Preferences-Personal Stuff-Appearance and also pick a different layout by clicking "Get Themes". A theme have the right to be schosen that has top through a shade cshed to the tone of your background. Not the transparency you preferred but you will certainly have the ability to select a lest stark shade.



The layout I could uncover which is closure to the transparency result on my window 7 is


Here is the screenswarm.



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