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Shadow9000, actually it can be quickly detectable.1) If the owner inside is not sneaking one more player will certainly check out and more than likely tunnel there way through2) While generally ban-able on most servers, an x-ray texture will permit others to uncover it3) If tright here are torches surrounding and the player presses "F" then the player might detect the torches and also hence find the base4) On occasion the client glitches and you have the right to see through some blocks which may permit for detection5) they may discover the switch and also follow the redrock trail
TC, the ideal method to safeguard you residence is to make a long 1x1 path down to bedrock through no torches close to the pathmeans down. Then you have the right to just location a block on optimal of the hole to the underground house that looks organic to the landscape and also BAM, your residence will most likely never be discovered if you relocate much amethod enough
I know just how u can make a one method home window. Like in interrogating rooms n stuff.Take some glass then on one side put a paint over it. Then on one side u can view with it choose the painting doesnt exist then on the various other it just looks prefer a normal painting.
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Easiest way to protect your house is to make the door dirt, build it as soon as you come in and also out.Or, dig a tiny hole on the height of a hill or big lump, place a trapdoor tright here, and have actually a concealed roof. (Depfinishing on exactly how low down you put the trapdoor, you can also cover the hole through a lump of dirt)Essentially bury your residence from griefers.
Piston doors are simple to hide, the butlots for them are less basic. Realistically if you have actually a hidden 2x1 piston door in the side of a mountain, the only means it"ll be discovered is using the button or switch you"re utilizing to open up it. The door is straightforward to hide, clever means to hide the opening system is what"s difficult.
yeah im trying to wonder just how i might perform it, not simply for the door however to cover up the windows as well for as soon as im not there
The climb of LuciferAmarantherefore for Asmodeus - Also the best point ever before https://i.imgur.com/N0HHzCc.png
123mop posted...Piston doors are easy to hide, the butloads for them are less simple. Realistically if you have actually a surprise 2x1 piston door in the side of a mountain, the only means it"ll be discovered is through the switch or switch you"re utilizing to open up it. The door is straightforward to hide, clever before means to hide the opening system is what"s hard.Hole in hill 30 or so blocks above the door, surprise in some means, you spit item right into hole, it lands on pressure plate, redstone activates door, you walk in, the press plate your item is on is right next to door, grab item, door closes.
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The problem is the random hole in the mountain. I uncover that probably the the majority of discreet technique is digging a hole in the bottom of a pond, and also having actually the water flow lead your item to the press plate. The concern is that retrieving it is less simple then, as it"ll be below where your door is.
That would certainly actually be pretty neat. Crafting it by placing Glass and also a block alongside each other. Could be made so the see-via side is the side encountering you when you place it.Maybe someday....

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