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If you’re prefer me, you’ve had actually a lot of “aha” moments through your hair over the years…finding out little things right here and also there that make regulating and styling your hair a tad bit less complicated.

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Over time, these little bit tips include up and also prior to you know it, taking care of your is simply no big deal.

Well for the the majority of component, that’s where I am in my journey, and also this topic will certainly be devote to sharing my Nappy Quick Tips with all of you. Some of them will certainly be my very own discoveries and also I’ll also be scouting out and also posting excellent tips that I uncover from assorted resources approximately the Web. If it renders sense, I’ll post here, and give credit wright here due. So be sure and inspect ago from time to time for a Nappy Fast Tip that might simply rock your world!

Also, this deserve to work-related both means. If you attempt somepoint and also it works leave a note and let us understand. All write-ups on Nappturology 101 are reregarded before publication, and I reserve the appropriate to modify or not article it if your reminder is redundant, inappropriate or just not good sound nappy advice. In enhancement, keep it brief…remember it’s a Nappy Fast Tip.

Thanks in advance for your feedearlier and also participation!



Challenge: Keeping ends of twists together or defined. Or ends coming loose and also turning right into fuzzy balls that are tough to detangle.

Solution: Use a strong holding gel simply on the ends. It will act as glue to organize them together and also assist them stay defined and help proccasion them from turning into a huge fuzz round that you’ll need to pick a part later.


Challenge: Taking your twists dvery own without tearing your hair out and also bring about the ends to knot up.

Solution: Bottoms UP! Don’t rip your twists apart from the height dvery own. Be patient and take them loose from the bottom up. If you run into hairs that are totally wrapped approximately some hair, pull single strands up and through till all the hairs are complimentary. You may still end up through a pair of strands that are knotted that might need to be CUT, not snapped off. But you’ll conserve far even more hair than you loose if you unperform your twists from the bottom up. 


Challenge: Keeping a twisted style looking fresh.

Solution: Wear a style as lengthy as you like by doing spot touch ups in between washings. Choose a space to work-related on and also take dvery own your twists one-by-one. Use your fingers to detangle and also obtain out burned hair. Remoisturize and also twist your hair back up. No need to carry out the entirety head again till after your following wash. 


Challenge: Washing twists without massive tangling.

Solution: When you’re all set to wash, try leaving your twists in tact, and get out an old toothbrush (soft bristles) and also your favorite sulfate-cost-free cleanser. Apply it straight to your scalp choose you’re greasing it and then usage a gently brush your components in the direction your hair is going into the twists. Make certain not to brush earlier and also forth as this will roughen up your hair. Then put band your twists and also wet your hair. Gently queeze the cleaner via your hair. Then rinse. Skip the conditioner and go directly for your moisturizer. Take your hair down twist by twist, detangle, moisturize and also twist back up.


Challenge: Untangling those peskies multi-strand knots.

Solution: First saturate it via something that will provide your hair sufficient slipweb page. It have the right to be your favorite moisturizer or detangling spray. Then try loosening with a right pin or a security pin. Next, attempt to gently pull your strands out of the knot one-by-one. This will certainly really take some patience. Get as much hair out of the knot as feasible. You might not conserve eincredibly strand also, however it beats the alternate of having to reduced the whole knot out and loosing valuable size.

The next 4 tips are courtesy DivaforLife on BlackHairPlanet.com

Challenge: Keeping hair solid and healthy

Solution: Never wear hair styles that are too tight. Several of the hairlayouts that are too tight incorporate braids, weaves and ponytails. Also, wearing braided hair or weaved hair for as well long can cause a condition dubbed tractivity alopecia. That’s a problem where over time, the follicles have actually been pulled so a lot that they ultimately stop creating hair. In many type of instances the hair lose can be irreversible.

Challenge: Minimizing damage from blow dryers

Solution: Direct heat on hair is never a good idea. But if you should blow dry, keep the appliance in consistent motion and also usage the lowest temperature establishing whenever feasible.

Challenge: Preventing damages when styling and also grooming

Solution: Get rid of any type of styling tools that are damaged. This includes every little thing from the comb with the broken teeth or a brush with broken bristles that deserve to snap the hair. Include hair accessories too. That favorite plastic side comb through the broken or chipped tooth that you’ve been utilizing to organize your hair ago has really got to go!

Challenge: Choosing napplication friendly hair bands

Solution: Make certain your bands are in excellent form and don’t have exposed rubber and also are not hosted together by metal that deserve to capture your hair and reason breakage. If possible, take them off the same means you put them on, by unlooping the band from roughly your hair rather of just pulling them off. This will proccasion your hair from wrapping around the band and also obtaining snagged in your hair.

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Challenge: Minimizing breakage while combing and also brushing hair

Solution: Everytime you attempt to detangle via a comb or a brush, constantly take your hair in tiny sections and start from the ends and work-related your method to your scalp. Never, ever before begin by tearing your means from the scalp to the tips. You’re definitely asking for trouble if you comb or brush your hair from the optimal down.