Whether you’re a financial solutions experienced or novice, you understand also the organization. You’ve worked hard to acquire your product knowledge. You watch market trends. But, carry out you know exactly how to talk to clients so they’ll listen?

The Art of Selling Financial Services depends upon the teamwork of listing and also understandably communicating to clients. Learning how to quickly acquire the trust of others, acquire them to like you, take your advice, and also come to be long-term clients is the structure for every successful business.

Tom Hopkins has actually been training in the financial services sector considering that 1990 and also he has actually occurred techniques to assist you communicate to your clients and also you understand what your clients want from you. Once you understand what clients want, you deserve to learn how to administer it! Financial solutions representatives have actually turned to Tom Hopkins for years for his proven-effective, expert selling strategies which have helped them learn exactly how to assist even more of their clients make financial planning decisions. How to Master the Art of Selling Financial Services, will aid you: Learn efficient ways to talk via clients and calm their fears Ask the appropriate concerns to get clients talking around their requirements Implement client feedback so that you can carry out your finest company Increase your sales ratios via closing tactics that make sense to your clients Grow your company via effective, yet easy referral strategies

Tom Hopkins’ methods will certainly teach you just how to grasp the art of selling financial services more properly and also effectively than ever before!

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Product Details

Tom Hopkins is world-renowned as The Builder of Sales Champions. His selling abilities and also sales tactics have assisted numerous sales specialists and also business owners in markets from A to Z to serve more clients, make even more sales and also earn millions in income.

Tom acquired his start in genuine estate sales when he was just 19 years of age. After an initial period of abject faientice, he began learning the communication skills that made him the #1 genuine estate agent in the US within 7 years.

Since 1976 he has been teaching others his basic, yet effective methods and techniques via live events, publications, CDs and video. His client list contains the likes of AFLAC, 24 Hour Fitness, Best Buy, State Farm Insurance, and also many type of others. He also provides live public seminars in cities throughout the civilization.

Tom has actually authored 18 publications including: How to Master the Art of Selling, Selling for Dummies and also his latest release, When Buyers Say No.

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Table of Contents

About the Author iiiAcknowledgements vIntroduction ixChapter 1 Mentally Preparing for Sales Success 1Chapter 2 Prospecting-Finding the People to Sell 17Chapter 3 Sales Readiness 29Chapter 4 Initial Contact-Introducing Yourself to Your Next Sale 49Chapter 5 Your Questions + Their Answers = A Win/Victory Scenario 69Chapter 6 Qualification-A Match Made in Heaven? 77Chapter 7 Before You Present, Think! 89Chapter 8 Presentation-This is Who I Am, What I"ve Done and What I Can Do For You 99Chapter 9 Addressing Concerns 117Chapter 10 Closing: One Door Never Closes without an additional Opening 131Chapter 11 Getting Your Next off Client from Your Last Client 147Chapter 12 Attitude Makes or Breaks You, Your Career and also Your Future 161