With 430M+ energetic users and 21 billion screenviews per month, Reddit is acquiring traction among advertisers, marketers, and also SEO specialists.

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On optimal of hosting many type of of the most exciting areas and also discussions roughly the web, Reddit has actually been making significant efforts to iterate towards an extra user and business-friendly platdevelop.

This has led to many kind of alters in the past couple of years, including:

While these actions have been important in growing Reddit’s userbase, the platform stays puzzling for many kind of newcomers. As a digital marketer and also Reddit user (sorry, I don’t prefer the “Redditor” descriptor), I understand the feeling.

For me, Reddit is the best online platdevelop out tright here, though learning to Redditcan be a sinuous path. As you deserve to check out in the detail of this recent task listing publiburned by the company, even they acknowledge this situation:


So, is it hard to use Reddit for marketing purposes? I wouldn’t go that far, however it can definitely be complicated.

With this in mind, I chose to start sharing some of the tricks I’ve learned over the last couple of years. In this initially installment, I will cover a critical item of the social media marketing plan: tracking mentions on Reddit.

Manual or automated? Choose your favorite Reddit tracking method

Whether it’s a brand point out, a keyword, or a username, tright here are many type of means to track mentions on Reddit.

However, I will certainly emphasis on just 2 of them: a hands-on approach, and an automated one utilizing muzic-ivan.info.

Let’s start through the manual technique, and also leave the automated one for later on.

1. Tracking Reddit mentions using Google

One of the most basic ways to track Reddit mentions is via sleek Google searches. By doing this, you deserve to search for terms within Reddit in its entirety, or else pursue subreddits that are of your interest.

For instance, let’s imagine that I work-related for the athleisure brand Lululemon, and that I wish to view what the brand also mentions were choose in the past 24 hours. This is what my refined search will certainly look like:


And right here they are, my mentions.

This is a basic approach for finding them, however it may not be consistent via the requirements of a robust, dynamic marketing strategy. Let’s take a look at the pros and also cons below.

ProsEasyVirtually freeConsThe even more mentions tright here are, the harder it will be to store track of themWhole-website searches don’t say much about the context of mentionsMore polished tracking (i.e. subreddit tracking) needs repeating the process plenty of times for various properties, which is time-consuming (and also boring!)

All things thought about, the hand-operated technique is even more suited for brands or keywords that are sparsely mentioned.

On the contrary, if you are to track mentions of a much more well-known brand also or keyword -- also a mildly renowned one -- the job will consume a lot of your time, becoming increasingly costly as mentions pile up across Reddit.

2. Automated mention tracking using muzic-ivan.info

As I mentioned prior to, I am a Reddit user, and I additionally work-related for muzic-ivan.info.

Naturally, I have actually an interemainder in learning about muzic-ivan.info mentions throughout Reddit, and also particularly within particular subreddits.

Because muzic-ivan.info is an innovation agency specialized in workflow automation, I take into consideration important to watch for mentions within tech-oriented subreddits, such as:

However, I don’t have actually the time to manually review these and also many kind of various other relevant subreddits on a continuous basis, so I automated the whole procedure utilizing muzic-ivan.info.

A little meta? Sure! But because I imposed this solution, I never before aacquire had to percreate a search to recognize around a brand-new muzic-ivan.info cite. Also, it just took me less than 10 minutes to put up the whole point.

Now let’s take a look at what my scenarios look like:


I developed individual scenarios prefer the one above to track muzic-ivan.info mentions on certain subreddits. My scenarios frequently watch for mentions within the short articles, short article titles, web links, and also comments, and also inform me through email whenever tright here is a complement.

Here’s what I did:

Use the “Watch new comments in a subreddit” moduleSpecify the subreddit to track, in addition to the tracking frequency. My scenarios track the subreddits for mentions eextremely 20 minutes, yet you can set yours to track at your finest convenience, up to a 1-minute frequencyAdd a Gmail module. At the minute, this is where I choose to obtain notifications whenever there’s a brand also mention. You can choose another app, or even sfinish mentions to a Google Sheet for bulk and/or common evaluation.Add a filter. This is the single most essential thing you have to implement. The filter will certainly search for the word (or words) you specify, permitting your scenario to be thorough in the tracking procedure. Pro tip: encompass alternative spellings of the mentions you are after


By doing this, you will have actually your first automated Reddit mention tracker up and running.

In situation you want to track multiple subreddits, all you need to perform is clone the scenario, and adjust the subreddit for the one you wish to track in the brand-new scenario.


What I love the a lot of around my scenarios is that I don’t have to actively track mentions on Reddit anyeven more. Instead, I gain an e-mail whenever before the brand gets mentioned. Now, on to the pros and also cons of this approach.

ProsSaves most timeScalableFlexible: it can be consisted of within wider workflowsGreat for social media listeningConsCan’t track the whole of Reddit all at once -- you must pick subreddits (no limits right here, though)It is not possible to track mentions earlier in time. You have the right to track every cite from the minute you set up your scenario, yet not historical ones


With these 2 techniques, you have the right to successfully track mentions on Reddit according to your particular requirements.

For those who occupational via brands that get pointed out a lot and need to track on a consistent basis, this Reddit keyword monitor will certainly prove a wonderful solution.

On the various other hand also, those who wish to inspect out mentions from time to time will have the ability to get by via polished Google searches.

To conclude, I can’t recommfinish Reddit sufficient if you are a digital marketer. The communities are engaging, and also users tfinish to be clever before in their answers and also interactions.

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For a brand also, this have the right to quickly analyze into possibility and understanding, providing new means to connect with audiences and also showinstance products.