Whether you speak to them box braids, jumbo braids, or also Poetic Justice braids, this trendy hairstyle is one to attempt. Not just is it a fun look, yet it's likewise a good style for girls trying to safeguard their organic hair in the cold winter months. Check out these 15 box braids hairformats to keep your look fresh.

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Big ‘Beyonce’ Bun


To attain this straightforward yet elegant style, Kyss from the Kyss My Hair blog says to begin twisting all your braids in one direction. In one activity, swoop them all back to one side, and secure with bobby pins.

Braided Half-Up Style

This look is an excellent one for box braids newbies. Vlogger Sage Ogun produced this quick and also cute look by pulling earlier the pieces from the front and also developing one large brhelp. Be certain to pat the braids down so that they're flat. Use your favorite mousse to eliminate fly-amethods and give it shine.

Pocahontas Braid

This look is the classic half-up look. But Mercredie blogger Priscilla adds a simple twist: a braid. The cool part about doing this style through box braids is that you don't require any pins or hair ties.

Double Twist Bun

If you're feeling fierce, then follow MissKenK's lead and incorpoprice an accessory right into your box braids style. After producing braided buns out of the front and also ago sections, add a glitzy ear-cuff clip or pin.

Pompadour Bun

The beauty blogger at Mercredie has no shortage of box braids hairlayouts, and this one might be our favorite. After creating a high ponytail off to one side, sepaprice it into 3 sections, and also brassist each. Make a lopsided crvery own out of the braids by pulling to the opposite side of the ponytail, and also secure with as many kind of bobby pins as you can.

Twisted Back Bangs

Vlogger SuperChiomy braided from the front and also tied the braids right into a knot in the earlier. If you're feeling even muzic-ivan.info serene, leave the braids dvery own for a boho chic style.

Freduced Bun

Hair-blogging twin sisters at MyBlackHair produced this classy freduced bun hairstyle for your box braids. Taking small sections from a ponytail, twist them approximately your finger to produce "curls." These curls will develop your flower. Continue until all the pieces have been curled and pinned.

Mini Front Bun

Priscilla from Mercredie moves the peak area to the front, then conveniently braids it all the way to the finish. After a twist approximately, leave the last bit of the braid out, and pin it down to secure.

High Front Twist

This box braids hairstyle—produced by the French hair blogger at Revele-toi—starts by making a heart-shaped twist via a small section of front braids. Gather those pieces via the side braids into a ponytail. Twist the pony into a braid, and be sure to tuck in all the ends.

Faux Hawk

Vlogger Tiara Monet rocks this faux hawk style. Start by producing a fishtail-braid–form weave from the earlier to the front. Then pin it ago, and mold it to the height you desire.

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Double Bang via Pony

We like blogger Peakmill's box braids hairstyle bereason it's an eye-catcher. Start by securing the side-brushed up bang under the pieces for the braided bang. Once the brassist is finish, pin it back, going in the oppowebsite direction of the first bang.

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