The Godfather Trilogy is based on the story of Micheal Corleone that takes the position of his Father Vito Carleone, the Godfather of the criminal human being. Here is the list of all Godfather movies in order of release

The Godfather (1972)The Godfather Part II (1974)The Godfather Part III (1990)
About Godfather Movie Series

The Godfather Trilogy is an absolute classic movie in Hollyhardwood and also is based on the Godfather novel created by American writer Mario Puzo.

The first installment was released in 1972 and also is thought about to be one of the many popular crime movies of all time. After the first film, two direct sequels were released that tell the complete story of the Corleone family members.

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GodFather Movies In Order: In What Order Should I Watch The Godfather Movies?

After the a lot of effective family members in criminal people declares a open battle, Don Vito’s elder brother Sunny gets eliminated. Later Vito dies due to Heart assault and also Michael becomes the follower of Vito. Michael tries to come out of the criminal civilization however ultimately goes deeper.

Are Godfather Movies Connected?

Godfather movies are associated and also are based upon the very same storyline. All 3 godfather movies together tell the finish story of from climbing to fall of the Corleone family members in Criminal World.

Do You Need To Watch GodFather Movies In Order?

All three Godfather movies are based upon the same storyline and also pick the story from the end of the previous film. To understand the story, it is vital to watch Godfather movies in order otherwise you won’t have the ability to catch up through the story.

In what order need to I watch the Godfather movies?

Godfather movies are expected to be watched in release order bereason in this means you will appropriately understand also the story and the plot. Here is the list of all Godfather movies in order of release

The Godfather(1972)

Director:Francis Ford CoppolaStars:Marlon Brando,Al Pacino,James Caan,Diane KeatonWritten By: Francis Ford Coppola,Mario PuzoRuntime: 175 minutes

The Godfather: Part II(1974)

Director:Francis Ford CoppolaStars:Al Pacino,Robert De Niro,Robert Duvall,Diane KeatonWritten By: Mario Puzo,Francis Ford CoppolaRuntime: 200 minutes

The Godfather: Part III(1990)

Director: Francis Ford Coppola Stars: Al Pacino, Diane Keaton, Andy Garcia, Talia ShireWritten By: Francis Ford, Mario PuzoRuntime: 170 minutes
Edited Still from The Godfather (1972) | All Crmodify Goes To Paramount PicturesThe Godfather (1972)

The movie starts through Don Vito Corleone’s Daughter’s wedding wright here Michael, Vito’s youngest son introduces his girlfriend to his household.

Before Christmas, Drug Dealer Virgil Sollozzo asks Vito for security and also Investment in his Narcotics organization yet Vito declines. Sollozzo, plans and shoots Vito and also kidnaps Hagen, and also asks Sunny (that is in command after Vito) to make a deal for his Narcotics service.

Vito survives the second assault on him through the help of Michael and also further Michael plans to kill both, Sollozzo and also McCluscrucial and also this starts an open War between the optimal five families in the criminal people.

Edited Still from The Godfather: Part II (1974) | All Credit Goes To Paramount PicturesThe Godfather: Part II(1974)

The second Installment serves as both, a prequel and a sequel. It takes 2 stories, Michael’s climb and also exactly how Vito became the godfather.

After Michael becomes, Don Corleone and also takes over his father’s Empire and tries every little thing to Legitimize their Company however in the procedure, he commits many crimes and also rather of coming out of the criminal civilization goes deeper.

In a parallel story, we uncover young Vito Corleone who migrates of Sicily to New York and also lives on the street.

Edited Still from The Godfather: Part III (1990) | All Crmodify Goes To Paramount PicturesThe Godfather: Part III(1990)

The movie sets in 1979, After rising his power and coming to be the master of the Criminal civilization, Michael is living in guilt and starts to donate all his wide range.

At the reception of a Charity function, Vincent (illegitimate kid of Sunny) proves his Loyalty to Michael and Michael decides to take him into the business.

Michael uses 600 million in exreadjust for shares of an Internationwide genuine estate firm to Archbishop Gilday however this results in making Michael Zasa’s enemy. Additional, a Helicopter opens fires at a conference in which Michael is participating yet Michael manages to Escape.

Is Godfather 2 a prequel?

Godfather 2 tells 2 stories parallelly, The climb of Michael and also the Rise of Vito Corleone, therefore Godfather II can be considered as both, a sequel and prequel of the first Godfather film.

Are Godfather 1 and 2 connected?

All the movies in godfather are linked to each other, the series tells the story of Vito Corleone, that is recognized as the godfather of the Criminal World. You will not understand also the story if you have actually missed the previous installments.

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All Godfather Movies and also Home Media in Order of release

There are two versions of the third Godfather film, the theatre variation, and Rereduced variation. Besides, A complete compilation of the Godfather trilogy with added content was released as direct-to-video. Here is the list of finish Godfather franchise in order

The Godfather (1972)The Godfather Part II (1974)The Godfather PartIII(1990)The Godfather, Coda: The Death of Michael Corleone – Recut of GodFather Part IIIThe Godfather Trilogy: 1901–1980(1992) – Ten hours compilation as direct to videoOther Movies Like GodFather Series


The Godfather trilogy is just one of the top-course movies made in Hollywood. With an amazing story of Mafia’s The Godfather Series Has won three Academy Awards.

Here in this article, I have actually provided a complete overview to the Godfather trilogy with the list of all Godfather movies in order to watch it.