In this guest post by Laura Smith-Proulx, among my favorite resume and also LinkedIn profile writers, she talks about adding value to your Headline and also not simply listing your title and the company’s name. After all, your profile isn’t around your company; it’s about you. Laura additionally gives good examples of strong Headlines.

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Did you let LinkedIn put your existing task in your Headline?

If so, you’re among the numerous LinkedIn customers that fail to market their very own personal brand.

Look about on LinkedIn and also you’ll see the very same scenario: also many kind of human being fail to uncheck that box in their current task that says “Upday My Headline.”

As a result, you’re left withSales Manager at XYZ CompanyorVP of Production at AB Manufacturing.

This could be one of the greatest obstacles in your task search! You’re MUCH even more than a job title. With so many kind of opportunities on LinkedIn to promote your value to employers,your Headline need to be tuned more closely.

Here are the 3 reasons why you must take your present job out of your Headline (and also what to use instead):

Your Headline should industry your individual brand also, not your employer.


Your current job title probably does a poor task of representing your potential!

Not just was it designed by your employer, it additionally picks up your firm name…and currently you have a banner that plainly explains a position you might want to leave.

But if you architecture your OWN Headline,you’ll have a valuable opportunityto include a success story, keywords, and also task titles that aid others find you.

These Headlines show exactly how you have the right to “advertise” your skills for a future job search:

VP Sales & Marketing| 13 Winning Sales Teams Developed to Create #1 Market Performance | Global & US Revenue & Growth Strategies | Fortune-Ranked Technology, Government, OEM, Engineering, & Defense Markets

COO & VP Operations.Fast Turnarounds & Market Share Growth in EMEA, Americas, & APAC Regions. 299% Growth From New Revenue Streams, Corporate Contracts, & Transformation. Board Member, Mentor, Executive Sponsor

Your present job can not enhance your career goals.

Let’s say you’re aiming for the following level up in your career.By tuning your Headline for a proactivity, you’ll come up in searcs for the taracquire task,not simply the one you already host.

This example reflects exactly how an Operations leader have the right to present readiness for the COO position, referencing the skills they are currently using and focusing on high-value keywords:

Healthcare Executive.COO-Level Authority for Clinical Operations, Patient Care Quality, Safety, & CMS Ratings. Relentless Drive for Excellence & Patient Satisfaction. Champion for Team Growth & Service Line Development

You have the right to check out that this Headline proceeds to cite Operations, making it possible to be spotted as a senior leader while leaving the opportunity open up to be discovered in searcs for a COO.

No matter your career level, discussing your wanted duty (which you deserve to also add to the About section) helps display your intentions andposition you more strategicallyas a increasing leader in your area.

Your current task title is much as well SHORT to describe your skills.

As explained inThe Surprising Problem With Your LinkedIn Headline, most Headlines that use existing job titles don’t fill also HALF the 220 allowable personalities.


This suggests you’re absent critical opportunities to even more describe keywords and strengths. Remember, your LinkedIn Headline is acrucial piece of LinkedIn Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

With a much longer Headline, you’ll likewise get the opportunity to switch out a couple of phrases or keywords to “test” which version produces even more interest from employers.

These examples showHeadlines that exceed 200 charactersby including insightful details and also leadership strengths:

Chief Strategy Officer.45% New Growth From Corporate Direction, M&A, Product Strategy, & Operations Improvements. Customer-Centric Product Lines, Outreach, & Technologies Taking Regional Operation to US Powerhouse

Senior Director, Product Engineering– Driving Software Quality & Product Performance With Scalable Solutions. High-Productivity Engineering Team Leader Creating 13 Straight Quarters of Profit in Mobility Startup

Here’s just how to rerelocate the current-job default:go to your Experience section, select the pencil symbol alongside your name, and also look for Upday My Headline. Uninspect this box and also hit Save.

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There’s NO BETTER WAY to broadcast your individual brand than to craft a UNIQUE LinkedIn Headline!

By rerelocating focus on your current task, you’ll free up space for a compelling, keyword-particular description of your skills and peak career wins.