Saying come here in Russian depends on who you are talking to: whether it is one person or a few, and whether it is a formal or informal situation.

Here are possible variations of come here in Russian:

иди́ сюда́singular informal

иди́те сюда́plural informal or formal

Иди́/иди́те is a command form of the verb идти́ (to go, to walk). You can learn more about the verb “to go” in Russian here. Here you can find the conjugation of the verb идти.

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Сюда́ literally means to here.

You can also use the verb подойти́ (to come close, to approach), for example:

подойди́ сюда́come here / come closer (informal singular)

подойди́те сюда́come here / come closer (informal plural or formal)

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The audio recording includes all the examples (in bold and blue) listed above.

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Verb , imperfective
to go, to walk

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