¿Cómo se dice en español: ´Do you soptimal English´?

¡Hola! Soy Romina Romaniello, tu profesora de español de Hola Spanish.

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Hi! It’s Romina Romaniello, your Spanish teacher from Hola Spanish.¡En menos de diez días me voy de vacaciones! Voy a pasar la Navidad con mi familia en Argentina y después continuaré mi viaje por Italia. ¡No veo las horas! Me muero de ganas de viajar. In much less than 10 days I’ll go amethod on holidays! I’ll spfinish Christmas via my family in Argentina. After that I’ll continue travelling to Italy. I can’t wait! I’m dying to travel.¿Y tú? ¿Qué harás para las fiestas? ¿Tienes planes de viajar también?What around you? What will certainly you carry out for Christmas and New Year? Are you planning to take a trip too?If you’re planning to take a trip to Spain or/and also Latin-America however you don’t a word, DO NOT DESPAIR my amigos, we’re below muzic-ivan.infoing to your rescue! In today’s lesson we’ll teach you how to ask world in Spanish if they recognize English.

Here are the phrases that you’ll be finding out today:

Lo siento = I’m sorry

No hablo español = I don’t stop Spanish

porque soy de Australia / Irlanda / Canadá… = because I’m from Australia / Irland / Canada…

¿Hablas inglés? = Do you stop English?

When speaking to elderly civilization or someone that you’d present respect and also stop in a formal and appropriate manner, you have the right to usage all these sentences other than for the last one: ¿Hablas inglés?. But don’t issue, all you’ve to execute to be polite is drop the finishing -S in hablaS: ¿Habla inglés?If you envision a future once you don’t need to depend on English for speaking through Latinos and Spanish civilization bereason YOU are FLUENT in Spanish, sign as much as our Hola Spanish FREE lessons here ♥️♥️♥️♥️ you’ll acquire access to the 10 Most Useful Phrases in Spanish and more content that we just share using email. Get our free gift as soon as you sing up: our totally free Spanish recipe ebook full of delicious food.

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I’ll see you following week on your Hola Tuesday lesson! ¡Adiós! ¡Hasta la próxima clase!