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Tell me when the time we had actually slipped awayTomorrow turned to yesterdayAnd I don"t know howTell me what deserve to speak this river of tearsIt"s been building up for yearsFor this moment nowHere I standArms open up wideI"ve held ya closeKept ya safeTill you might flyTell me wright here the road ahead is gonna bendAnd exactly how to harness up the windAnd exactly how to say goodbyeTell me whyWhy does adhering to your dreamsTake you far away from meAnd I knew that it wouldTell me just how to feel the space you left behindAnd just how to laugh rather of cryAnd exactly how to say goodbyeHere I standArms open wideI"ve organized ya closeKept ya safeTill you might flyTell me wright here the road ahead is gonna bendAnd just how to harness up the wind
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