Feeling the frustration of always remaking use of the same old words you learned in high school? Don’t concern, it’s normal – everyone from beginners to native speakers deserve to periodically feel restricted by their French vocabulary. You simply need even more words!

As you learn various methods to say the very same things, you’ll feel even more specific and more confident to stop fluently. So, let’s begin through synonyms for among the the majority of useful adjectives in any kind of language: “Good.”

Let’s dive in!


Special Warning:Do not use Bien fait ! -> It doesn’t suppose “well done.” It’s actually an ironic insult!

Bien indicates good.In several different ways!

As an adjective, it’s often provided for basic situations:C’est très bien, ça ! C’est une bonne nouvelle ! That’s very good! That’s excellent news!

In colloquial speech, we likewise usage c’est trop bien, or literally “that’s as well good,” to expect the exact same point, “That’s good, that’s high top quality.”

“Bien” additionally suggests “good” as a noun:

Un bien = a good

“Un bien” frequently supplied for un bien immobilier, a real building.

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Mon frère est marchand also de biens. My brother is a genuine estate agent.

Le bien = moral good

Nietzsche est l’auteur de Par delà le bien et le malNietzsche created Beyond Good and Evil.

Du bien = pleasant, relaxing, good for your well-being

“Ça fait du bien de rentrer chez soi !”It feels excellent to be home

Finally, “bien” is also used as an adverb that suggests “well”:On a bien mangé !We ate well!

Bon is an adjective that means “good,” in several different ways, that can all expand your French vocabulary.

You deserve to use it to compliment your food:J’adore ton gâteau, il est très bon!I love your cake, it’s incredibly good!

You deserve to likewise use it to suppose “pleasurable,” like “ça fait du bien” :C’est trop bon d’enlever before ses chaussures en rentrant chez soi.It feels so good to come residence and also take your shoes off.

However before, we can additionally usage “c’est bon,” to intend “it’s sufficient.”

“Tu veux encore du gâteau ?” “Non, c’est bon, merci.”“Do you desire some even more cake?””No, I’m excellent, thanks.”

Or in a much less polite instance,Oh, c’est bon, arrête de te plaindre, on est presque arrivés.“Oh, come on, soptimal complaining, we’re virtually tright here.”

We can use “bon” to human being as well.It implies “competent” when it’s inserted prior to a profession or an activity:C’est une bonne joueuse de tennis.She’s a good tenniswoguy.

When “bon” is after the noun, it’s frequently a moral judgement:Michel est un homme bon.Michel is an excellent, kind male.

Special Warning:The feminine version “bonne” is a colloquial and derogatory method to say that a woman is “hot” or good-looking. That’s one French word you can desire to protect against.

For a more respectful method to say good-looking though, you deserve to use beau (belle).

Yes, beau and bon are two different words with various pronunciations. Don’t issue, I’m sure you can perform it!

3. Colloquial Synonyms

“Good” and its synonyms are extremely common in French slang vocabulary. Tright here are many type of slang versions, and the trends change fast. There’s always a new “hip” positive adjective going approximately, however some of them have actually had a longer shelf life.

For circumstances, Super is a well-known word for general positivity. It’s barely colloquial, it’s simply informal.

It deserve to be an adjective favor “great,” or an adverb, prefer “very.”

T’as une super robe !You have actually a good dress!

Ta maikid est super grande !Your house is very big!

C’est un super bon gâteau!This is a really good cake!

Or simply C’est super ! which indicates “That’s great!” or something prefer, “Yay!”

In the same vein, we have “Génial,” “wonderful.” It’s bacount colloquial. It’s a little even more abstract. You have the right to usage it to compliment somepoint artistic, or for some as a whole excellent news.

Oh, t’as un nouveau boulot ? Mais c’est génial !Oh, you found a new job! That’s wonderful!

For somepoint ‘good’, however in a more modest means, we deserve to additionally usage sympa.(It suggests “friendly” once supplied around someone. But “nice” as soon as provided around things.)Elles sont sympas, tes chaussures.Your shoes are nice.

We also import some words from the English language in our everyday language.For instance, cool is very widespread, and deserve to use to anypoint, simply choose sympa.Elle est cool ta veste.Hey, your jacket is pretty cool.

For a stronger interpretation, we likewise usage top or au top however that might sound a little outdated now.

J’ai entendu une chanchild peak à la radio !I’ve heard a great song on the radio.

Instead of “c’est peak,” you can additionally usage “C’est extra.” And that is an excellent song, by French singer/poet Léo Ferré. You deserve to likewise inspect out Terez Montcalm’s good cover.

But my favorite colloquial synonym for good is: chouette. It sounds like une chouette, an owl, yet it’s actually an adjective. There’s an interpretation of simplicity, also innocence, in the word, and it’s good.

J’ai passé une chouette soirée avec les amis.I had a good night through my friends.

Less widespread, more colloquial variations from younger world. They have the right to all be used to mean “good” or “great” in many various instances.

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“Oh, tu apprends le français ? Super ! C’est…”“Oh, so you’re learning French? Awesome! That’s…”

Chanmé“Verlan” for méchant, “poor, evil, angry.”Stylé – Literally “Stylish.”Classe – “Classy.”Fat – from the English “fat.”

We additionally use verbs and also expressions, such as Ça envoie! and also its many variations, that you can discover in the Bonus blog post for the Most Useful Colloquial Expressions in French.