So, choose many civilization on this sub, I'm trying to learn Spanish. I've finally gained to a point wbelow I can follow video games in Spanish. It's nice to have the ability to call playing video games "studying" haha.

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Anyway, I just finimelted spiderman(awesome game by the way) and also I was wondering what other games are in Spanish? Or possibly even games that were originally in Spanish? I was hoping red dead redemption 2 would certainly have Spanish audio however it looks choose it doesn't. Any recommendations?


This might not be your point, however I freshly switched to the Spanish version of the sims and it has actually been so excellent for learning new vocabulary! There’s loads of valuable, day-to-day language in it

Oh male, I haven’t played Sims in years...possibly I ought to pick it up aacquire considering that I’m a few months right into my Spanish discovering journey, and also I loved the game back when I did play.

I think any kind of modern-day Nintenexecute game has actually the option for spanish audio and also message, and also because the initially Red & Blue Pokémon games, eincredibly edition has actually a spanish equivalent which pretty decent translations (except for the names of the attacks, those points are awful lol).

Run away from EA Games. From a language discovering point of watch, they're correct and you can use them to learn, yet OH LORD those actors didn't desire to put the voices at all. The Need for Speed series has actually the blandest and also the majority of forgettable cutscenes ever before taped in spanish (...and also we're talking about freaking NFS!). And they tried way too tough to make it sound "hip" and they ended up via loads of Spain slang. Not the the majority of comfortable scenario for a learner.

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RDR2 has actually a little Spanish audio, favor Hispanic NPCs, and I think for some reason the Spanish audio has the subtitles in actual Spanish fairly than simply the English translation, which happens for various other langueras spoken in the game.

Online games can be good because you obtain to see various other human being participating in Spanish. You can see which “loan” words they save from English when they’re talking about the game, and also various other vocabulary in Spanish. And then you acquire to watch people compose it in txtspeak in the chat home window and attempt to number out what they’re saying