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No issue wright here you go, gay lingo will constantly be colorful, witty, unabashed, and quite delightful. French gay slang is no different.

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French gay-stop is mostly translated from English/Amerihave the right to gay slang, and also as via its heterosex-related equivalent, it is ideal to recognize a thing or 2 around it, whatever your sexuality.

If you are curious around gay slang and exactly how to say gay, lesbian, or homosex-related in French, we compiled a list for you!


A word of caution though, this short article is not for everyone as it consists of some sex-related terminology that may be offensive to some.

So, if you are sensitive to this sort of thing, please stop currently. If not, then check out the list of slang words grouped right into two: gay male lingo, and lesbian slang.

French slang for Gay men

French gay slangIn EnglishWhat it means
ActiftopThe gay partner that plays the energetic role in sexual activity
PassifBottomThe gay perboy at the receiving finish of sexual activity; the passive sex-related partner
Un Ours / Un bearA bearA term for a bigger, hairier and older gay man.
Calinodrôme“Hugport/ Hugdrome” (made-up word)A principle by the de l"Association “Les Flamands Roses” wright here a group of LGBT partners can communicate in affectionate (hugs= calins) however non-sex-related activity
Chaser (or Chasseur)A bear chaserThis is basically a gay male who prefers and pursues “bears”.
ComtesseCountessA homosex-related (typically of regular age) that is well-mannered, elegant and also often financially secure
OursonBear cubA huge, hairy, yet younger gay guy
CopinegirlfriendThe female counterpart of “copain” which suggests buddy or frifinish. Usually supplied as soon as talking to one more gay perkid in specific areas.
Crevette / MinetTwinkA younger, thinner, non-hairy gay male.
DaddyDaddyA financially secure and mature gay man.
DindeTurkeyAn effeminate gay who keeps abreast with fashion. Basically a gay metrosex-related.
DiscretDiscreetA scheduled and secretive gay man that manperiods his sexual liaisons privately.
EddyA homophobic perkid via violent tendencies.
FAP (or Fag Hag)Fag HagA female that prefers gay friends
Folle (or Follasse)QueenAn effeminate gay man
GitonA freeloader financially sustained by a mature gay guy.
Grande dameA somewhat aloof gay adult that flamboyantly parades about in bars and also primarily ignores the other guests
Grande folleA gay male via highly exaggerated feminine appearance.
LoutreOtterA hairy (yet thin) gay male.
RouxGingerA gay guy via red hair.
SportifJockA sporty gay male with an athletic develop.
Ours PolairePolar bearAn old, hairy gay male through greying or white hair
Sub.SubmissiveA gay guy that likes to play a subordinate and also passive sex-related function.
TriaudesA location wbelow gay people meet up.
VanillaA soft sex-related play; a non-kinky kind of sexual activity
YAG (Gay upside down)Homosexuals who refuse to be associated with a gay team or community and are recognised by their lifestyle.

French slang for Lesbians

Lesbians have actually their very own set of slang lingo too. We’ve detailed some of the the majority of prevalent below.

French lesbian slangIn EnglishWhat it means
BalaskoThe derogatory term for a masculine, typically aggressive lesbian (called after the character of a movie played by the actress Josiane Balasko in the film Gazon maudit or “French Twist”).
ButchButchA exceptionally mannish lesbian with masculine looks, behaviour, attire, language and also interests. Comparable to “truck driver”
Bolès LesbienneLesbianA derogatory term for lesbian, originating from the Anglo-Amerideserve to term “lesbo”. But seen as insulting
CamionneuseTruck driverA lesbian via no feminine aspects whatsoever; a bull-dyke
Étoile d"or“A gold star”A lesbian that has actually never before tried sex through a guy.
FemFeminineA lesbian that does not attempt to reject her feminine side and still acts or dresses the component.
Futch/bemFutchA lesbian looks feminine, but has a masculine dress and/or style.
La sexualité Bambi“The Bambi sexuality”Physical interaction revolving mainly on touching, kissing and fondling
Lesbienne Lipstick « rouge à lèvres »Lesbian “lipstick”A extremely feminine and also stylish dress code for lesbians
Do you want to learn even more French slang terms? Check out the French Vocabulary Mastery Course and obtain 20,000+ French words, slang expressions, and idiomatic expressions.


French gay slang, choose its countercomponents in English and also other langueras deserve to be pretty funny yet additionally offensive. You deserve to additionally use it to converse the LGBTQ+ area and also being gay in French. Use through caution! Remember to be always respectful and also type.

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In situation you desire to add even more or recognize the English slang for some of the items mentioned over, feel complimentary to sound off in the comments area.