Telling someone “You are beautifulin Japanese is a little even more tricky than in English because there are a lot of various words that expect “beautiful” or “pretty“. Not only the words but additionally the phrases you need to use are various for womales and also males. So in this blog post, I define to you specifically just how to say that someone looks pretty in Japanese.

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To say “You are beautiful” in Japanese you deserve to usage either of the phrases below:Sindicate say: “Kawaii!”, “Kirei!”, or “Kakko ii!”To a woman: “Kimi wa kawaii” or “(Name)-chan wa kawaii”To a man: “(Name)-kun wa kakko ii”“(Name)-san wa kirei” can be used for both“Anata wa kirei” to your partnerBelow I will certainly give you a detailed explanation of why you should usekawaiifor girls and also women, however “kakko iifor boys and also men. You will also uncover a lot of example sentences and also you are going to learn how to spice up your phrases by saying “You are so beautiful“.

How to Say “You Are Beautiful” to Women and Men in Japanese

Before we are going to take a comprehensive look at the finest phrases to say “You are beautiful” to each gender, let’s take a brief look at the the majority of frequently provided Japanese words for “beautiful” and also “pretty”.

How to Say “Beautiful” and also “Pretty” in Japanese?

Kawaii (可愛い), kirei (綺麗), kakko ii (カッコいい, 格好いい), and also hansamu (ハンサム) are the most typically provided words to say someone is “beautiful” or “pretty” in Japanese. Utsukushii (美しい) is another word that suggests “beautiful” but it is only provided for incredibly beautiful or gorgeous people, nature, and also things.Kawaiicute, pretty, lovely, charming可愛いかわいいKireibeautiful, pretty綺麗きれいKakko iicool, handsome, attractiveカッコいい格好いいHansamuhandsomeハンサムUtsukushiiexceptionally beautiful, gorgeous美しいSutekilovely, beautiful (character)素敵Bijinbeautiful woman美人Ikemenbeautiful manイケメンBishoujobeautiful girl美少女Bishounenbeautiful boy美少年
How to Say “Beautiful” or “Pretty” in Japanese

1. Kawaii – For Cute and Pretty Girls & Women

Kawaii (可愛い) indicates “cute“, “adorable“, “charming“, “lovely“, or “pretty“. Foregime womales commonly don’t favor to be referred to as “cute”, but most Japanese womales favor to be calledkawaii“. So while the word equates as “cute” in English its meaning is closer to “pretty” or “beautiful” and very positive.To tell a girl or woman that they look pretty or cute, just sayingkawaii” is even more than sufficient. However, the complete sentences “Kimi wa kawaii” (君は可愛い) or “(Name) wa kawaii” (〇〇は可愛い) are additionally frequently supplied. After the person’s name, you deserve to add the cute-sounding honorific chan (ちゃん) or for someone you have simply met the polite suffix san (さん).For boys and men, I personally favor utilizing various other words and also phrases. However before, generally, it is possible to say something like “Me ga kawaii” (目が可愛い) which suggests “Your eyes are cute/pretty” or “(Name)-kun wa kawaii” (〇〇くんは可愛い) to a male. Kun (くん) is another Japanese honorific mostly used for boys.It is also prevalent to add focus and also say “so pretty” or “Pretty!” by including one or even more sentence ending particles such as na (な), yo (よ), or ne (ね).KawaiiYou’re cute/pretty.可愛いかわいいカワイイ(Name + chan/san) wa kawaii.You’re cute/pretty.〇〇は可愛い。〇〇はかわいい。Kimi wa kawaii ne.You’re cute/pretty.君は可愛いね。君はかわいいね。
Kawaii – For Cute and also Pretty Girls & Women

2. Kirei – For Beautiful Women and Sometimes Men

The next word on our list is kirei (綺麗, きれい, キレイ) which indicates “pretty” or “beautiful” yet occasionally it is likewise interpreted as “clean” or “tidy”. In my opinion, it is the second most frequently used word to define someone or somepoint as beautiful or pretty. However, it is even more generally offered for beautiful women than for beautiful males.In my opinion, the word “kireifeels more genuine and also meaningful than “kawaii”, but that’s most likely just the situation because “kawaii” is used for every little thing and anypoint. You have the right to hear it all the moment in Japan considering that everything looks “kawaii” and also especially women tfinish to describe every little thing they watch as “kawaii”.So whenever a Japanese guy says to you “Kirei” or tells you “Kimi wa kirei” (君は綺麗) you have to be very happy. If you desire to say it to a Japanese man I would fairly usage the following expression or say somepoint like “(Name + kun or san) no kao ga kirei” (〇〇の顔が綺麗) which means “You have actually a beautiful face” or “Your confront is beautiful“.“Da yo” (だよ) can also be used to add emphasis to what you are saying. It is frequently supplied in combicountry through “kirei (da yo)” yet also other words such as “kawaii (da yo)“. Instead of “da yo” you have the right to additionally say “da ne” and “da na“.KireiYou’re beautiful.綺麗きれいキレイKimi wa kirei.You’re beautiful.君は綺麗。君はきれい。(Name + chan/kun/san) wa kirei da yo.You’re beautiful!〇〇は綺麗だよ。〇〇はきれいだよ。(Name + chan/kun/san) no kao ga kirei.You have a beautiful challenge.Your confront is beautiful.〇〇の顔が綺麗。〇〇の顔がきれい。
Kirei – For Beautiful Women and Sometimes Men

3. Kakko ii – For Beautiful and also Cool Boys & Men

Kakko ii (カッコいい, 格好いい, カッコイイ) suggests “attractive“, “good-looking“, “cool“, or “stylish” in English and also is the the majority of common Japanese word to tell a boy or guy “You’re beautiful” or “You look beautiful“. In my opinion, it is the best alternative to compliment a good-looking boy or an attrenergetic man. In comparison to “kirei” and also particularly “kawaii”, “kakko iisounds even more masculine. So instead of “beautiful” or “pretty”, I tend to interpret “Kakko ii!” or “(Name + kun or san) wa kakko ii” (〇〇はカッコいい) as “You look cool” or “You’re cool“.I have also added the instance “Anata wa kakko ii” (あなたはカッコいい), however honestly, I carry out not recommfinish using this phrase unless you are in a relationship through someone. Anata (貴方, あなた) means “you” simply like kimi (君), however while “kimi” is commonly just supplied once talking to a girl or woman, “anata” is gender-neutral and have the right to be supplied for both genders.Please note that “anata” is more commonly used by women, though, and generally only to deal with their husband or boyfriend.Kakko iiYou’re cool/beautiful.カッコいい格好いいカッコイイ(Name + kun/san) wa kakko ii.You’re cool/beautiful.〇〇はカッコいい。〇〇は格好いい。Anata wa kakko ii.You’re cool/beautiful.あなたはカッコいい。あなたは格好いい。
Kakko ii – For Beautiful and Cool Boys & Men4. Hansamu – For Handsome Boys & MenIf you are a bit acquainted via Japanese you may have automatically well-known that hansamu (ハンサム) is an English loan word that means “handsome“. Judging from my very own endure here in Japan, it is one of the the majority of frequently used words to describe a male or boy as beautiful along with “kakko ii” and also “ikemen”.Since “hansamu” is a loan word, it doesn’t sound as convincing and meaningful as “kakko ii”. That is actually fairly frequently the situation through borrowed words in Japanese. Renai (恋愛), for example, is one of the 11 words for “love” in Japanese but it sounds much less romantic than the other words as a result of its Chinese origin.That is why I personally favor to use “kakko ii”. However, I think “hansamu” is a good word if you are a bit shy or if you want to tone it dvery own so that you don’t reveal your key crush.HansamuYou’re handsome/beautiful.ハンサム(Name + kun/san) wa hansamu.You’re handsome/beautiful.〇〇はハンサム。
Hansamu – For Handsome Boys & Men

5. Utsukushii – Extremely Beautiful or Gorgeous

When I checked other forums, I experienced that most people suggested making use of utsukushii (美しい) to tell someone that they look pretty. While it is true that the word converts as “beautiful” in English, it is only used for very beautiful or gorgeous-looking people. Its interpretation is closer to “gorgeous“.On the day of your wedding ceremony, for example, if you tell your bride that she looks “utsukushii“, I think she will accept the compliment and feel incredibly happy. However before, in normal daily situations, the word is a small too much.“Utsukushii” is actually even more typically offered as soon as talking about nature, beautiful landscapes, exceptionally scenic areas, and other exceptionally beautiful objects. So my recommendation is to stick with “kawaii” and also “kirei“.However before, if you are dying to use this word I suggest talking about something even more certain such as her (or his) beautiful confront (kao, 顔), beautiful smile (egao, 笑顔), beautiful lips (kuchibiru, 唇), and so on.UtsukushiiYou look gorgeous.美しいUtsukushii kaoShe/He has a gorgeous/extremely beautiful challenge.美しい顔Utsukushii egaoYou have a gorgeous smile.Your smile is very beautiful.美しい笑顔Utsukushii kuchibiruYour lips are gorgeous.Your lips are incredibly beautiful.美しい唇
Utsukushii – Extremely Beautiful or Gorgeous

6. Bijin, Bishojo, Ikemales, and Bishonen

These four words are so equivalent that we are going to comment on them together. Bijin (美人) suggests “beautiful woman” or “pretty woman” and ikemen (イケメン) suggests “beautiful man” or “pretty man“. The other 2 words bishoujo (美少女) and also bishounen (美少年) suppose “beautiful girl” and “beautiful boy” respectively.“Bijin” and also “ikemen” are commonly offered in day-to-day life and TV shows to talk around attractive-looking women or as a compliment for handsome-looking men. “Bishoujo” and also “bishonen“, on the various other hand, I have just encountered in regards to anime, manga, and also game genres. But perhaps simply because I’m not a high-institution kid anymore and I don’t hang out through other high-college kids…I can’t really describe why however I don’t recommfinish using these words as soon as you are dating someone seriously. Before or on the first date they could still be appropriate, yet after that, I would switch to one of the words or phrases over, bereason they sound more authentic and also much less flirty, I guess.

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BijinYou’re a beautiful woman美人IkemenYou’re a beautiful manイケメンBishoujoYou’re a beautiful girl美少女BishounenYou’re a beautiful boy美少年
Bijin & Bishojo – Pretty Womales & Pretty Girls

How to Say “You Are So Beautiful” in Japanese

Mecha kawaii” (めちゃ可愛い) and “Sugoku kirei” (すごくきれい, 凄くきれい) are even more casual phrases that intend “You are so beautiful” in Japanese. “Hontou ni kirei” (本当にきれい) and also “Totemo kirei/kakko ii” (とてもきれい/カッコいい) are even more formal phrases that analyze as “You are really beautiful” or “You are extremely beautiful“.You can additionally incorporate mecha (めちゃ) through “kirei” and also “kakko ii“, of course, and the exact same is true for the various other words. So “hontou ni kawaii” (本当に可愛い) and “totemo kawaii” (とても可愛い) and “sugoku kakko ii” and also “hontou ni kakko ii“, and so on are additionally feasible.The adhering to list consists of simply a couple of examples to offer you an principle of how you have the right to use mecha (めちゃ), sugoku (凄く, すごく), hontou ni (本当に), and totemo (とても). I have actually also sneaked in two added phrases “kawaisugi” and “kakko yosugi” which translate as “also cute” and “also cool” – simply because I have the right to.Mecha kawaiiYou’re so cute/pretty.めちゃ可愛いめちゃかわいいSugoku kireiYou are so beautiful.凄く綺麗すごく綺麗Hontou ni kirei daYou are really beautiful本当に綺麗だ本当にきれいだ(Name) wa totemo kirei desuYou look very beautiful.〇〇はとても綺麗です〇〇はとてもきれいですKawaisugiYou are also cute.可愛すぎKakko yosugiYou look also cool.カッコよすぎ格好よすぎ
How to Say “You Are So Beautiful” in Japanese