Everybody who supplies Kik Messenger knows exactly how much fun chatting on the prompt messaging application deserve to be. Not only have the right to you catch up via your friends but also you can also accomplish new human being and also also make brand-new friends. One of the a lot of popular means of doing this is by exchanging message messeras. Some customers also like to swap images or use among the many chat improving alternatives obtainable on the Kik Messenger app such as GIFs.

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It is true that there are many type of alternate instant messaging apps to Kik, consisting of Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. It is likewise true that some of those various other immediate chatting apps are also more famous than Kik Messenger. We still think, but, that Kik Messenger continues to be one of the a lot of fun apps of its type about.

It is no trick that the Kik Messenger app is particularly renowned among US teens and various other young people from the USA and also other nations roughly the world. Tbelow can be any kind of various reasons behind this but access to GIFs, Kik bots, sticker labels, and also various other Kik Messenger features must be, at leastern, in component responsible for this.

In this short article we will certainly zero in on one of those features: the one that enables you to sfinish GIFs to other Kik Messenger individuals. First, we will discover what GIFs are and also exactly how you can go around using them in order to boost your chats on Kik Messenger. We will then describe specifically what you will should execute in order to send GIFs on the Kik Messenger app.


What Are GIFs?

First of all at the actual word. It is true that it is a funny word that does not also have actually one pronunciation but two. Some world choose to pronounce it “gif”, while many others have actually settled for “ghif”. The trouble is that the word itself is an acronym. Although the majority of world who use GIFs may not realize this, GIF actually stands for “graphics interadjust format”. Do you understand what else a lot of human being who usage GIFs might not realize? GIFs have actually been around for a lot longer than immediate messaging apps or social media. In truth, GIFs have been approximately for a lot much longer than a lot of ordinary civilization have actually been on the Internet!

The initially GIF was designed as far back as 1987 by someone referred to as Steve Wilhite who was working for CompuServe. Just to refresh your memory CompuServe (CompuServe Information Service or CIS) was one of the initially major digital solutions accessible to plain consumers in the United States and about the world.

In brief, GIFs are short animated images. If you desire the even more technological information, a GIF image can support up to 8 bits per pixel. What this indicates is that a single image deserve to have as much as 256 different colors within a shade space of 24 little bit RGB (red, green, and blue).


If you want a much much less technical explanation, a GIF is just one of those small animated photos that are very frequently shared across social media and also immediate messaging apps. You might have actually checked out GIFs on messages, on friend’s Facebook articles, or on tweets. Also, some news web sites such as Buzzfeed tfinish to make prominent usage of GIFs on their write-ups to better show their stories.

Branded and also Unbranded GIFs on the Kik Messenger app

We mention some of the reasons why the Kik Messenger application may be so popular in our advent. We could easily expand also the things that make this immediate chatting app so exceptional and also why some many countless world use it on a day-to-day basis. In any such list we would have to, without a doubt, incorporate the reality that Kik has constantly been (and continues to be) a cost-free app. Not just is the Kik Messenger app free to downpack and also install on pretty a lot any type of smart phone design you can think of (and also also on some various other kinds of mobile tools such as the iPod Touch), yet likewise once you begin making use of it there are no fees attached.

The just time once making use of the Kik Messenger app might cost you something would be if you incurred some network charges by using the app beyond your information allowance contained in your cellular plan. Of course, you could incur those charges by making use of any type of various other app or service that supplies cellular data. The allude is also when that happens (and also situations such as that one have the right to be conveniently avoided), the money you are charged does not go to Kik Interenergetic (the Canadian agency behind the Kik Messenger app) however directly to your mobile phone provider network.


So, if the Kik Messenger app is constantly free to downfill, install, and use, who does it make money? Well, tbelow are actually many kind of methods however the pertinent one for us ideal now is how the Kik Messenger application renders money from GIFs.

For one of the ways in which the Kik Messenger application (and various other immediate messaging apps) make money is by cultivating branded GIFs.

Branded GIFs stand also out because they are totally free to use, unchoose other earnings for revenue including the many type of paid add on functions such as emojis and also sticker labels that deserve to be discovered on Kik Messenger. Of course, the massive elephant in the room would be ads. The trouble with both paid add ons and also ads is that they might type of cheapen the application in the eyes of many kind of current and maybe future customers. Branded GIFs have the right to be an excellent means for the Kik Messenger app to make money bereason they perform not have that kind of influence on individuals and, also more importantly, they are complimentary to use!

Users many type of not realize that they are using branded GIFs a lot of of the moment. Why? Because in fact branded GIFs and also unbranded ones execute exactly the very same. More importantly for customers, they in reality look pretty a lot the exact same too!

The just method in which you can maybe acknowledge a branded GIFs is by noticing a hash tag discreetly put on it. Usually, said hash tag would be located somewbelow around the reduced location of the GIF and also or in a corner.


How To Send GIFs on the Kik Messenger app

GIF (noun)- a picture on the Internet that features animation

Whether you choose to send a branded or an unbranded GIF on the Kik Messenger application (or if you have actually no concept whether the GIF you would send would certainly be branded or not), in this area we will define specifically what you will certainly should perform.

As with some functions of the Kik Messenger application, the process you will certainly should follow in order to send GIFs will certainly greatly depfinish on the kind of tool you would certainly be utilizing. Having sassist that, mainly if you follow our action by step instructions you should have the ability to sfinish GIFs in any kind of smart mobile gadget you use for the Kik Messenger application.

One necessary point before you attempt using GIFs on the Kik Messenger application is to encertain that you are making use of the latest version of Kik Messenger.

So, before we go right into our step by step guide on just how to send GIFs, here is a reminder on just how to examine if your Kik Messenger app is up to date:

Grab your smart phone (or any various other mobile tool you use for the Kik Messenger app).Launch Kik Messenger.Head over to the “settings” area.Choose the “Assistance and About Us” area.Tap on “Update Kik” if you have an iPhone or an iPod Touch; or “Check for Updates” if you usage a Windows Phone.

If you use the Kik Messenger app on an Android device, then sindicate head over to the Google Play App Store, search for Kik Messenger and also downfill the easily accessible upday.

Okay, so once you have made sure that your Kik Messenger software application is up to day, you deserve to go ahead and follow these straightforward steps, whether you are making use of an iPhone, and iPod Touch, or an Android device:

Grab your smart phone (or any various other mobile gadget you usage for the Kik Messenger app).Launch Kik Messenger.Tap on the plus symbol (“+”) located on the left hand also side of the message box (i.e., the area wbelow you would typically type in your message messages). This action will certainly open a tray through various choices for chat improving features.Tap on the “GIF” symbol. This action will certainly, in turn, open the GIF tray.Choose exactly how you would certainly choose to find a appropriate GIF by either typing in a pertinent term into the search field; checking out for GIFs are trending; or utilizing a hash tag.Once you have actually uncover the GIF that you would certainly favor to share, tap on it.Then tap on the chat bubble symbol, which is located in the bottom ideal hand side location of your display.

As you deserve to check out, sfinishing GIFs on the Kik Messenger application is extremely simple. GIFs are nearly always a good concept however finding the ideal one for the ideal occasion is nearly an art create. The finest method to perfect this is by sending GIFs as frequently as feasible.

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