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Slamming a door deserve to be an remarkable way to make a statement. Think of all the times you’ve seen someone slam the door in a play, film, or TV present, and what a dramatic scene-stealing statement it renders.

There’s just something about “the sound and fury” that comes with slamming a door that, far from “signifying nothing,” can expect a entirety deal on stage or ondisplay.

That shelp, those of us not living an overly dramatic Tennessee Williams or Quentin Tarantino life most likely don’t desire to resolve the loud annoying sound of a door slamming.

After all, slamming a door deserve to be rather disruptive (that’s why all those authors and directors and also actors perform it, after all), which can spoil your peace and also quiet. Disrupting residential tranquility might be excellent for winning Oscars and also Tonys, yet it definitely won’t win you positive attention from family members and also guests.

That’s why you’ll want to execute every little thing in your power to speak yourdoors from slamming.

Unfortunately, this can be easier said than done. Even if you removethe huguy factor and get everyone in your residence to stop slamming doorsdeliberately, everything from weak hinges to gusts of wind can let doors slamshut without your definition them to perform so.

Tbelow are many kind of methods you can obstruct aircirculation or otherwise attempt andblock those gusts of wind from blowing your door shut.

However before, below we’re going to emphasis on the steps you have the right to take thatinvolve altering the door or hinges in such a means as to stop it from slamming.

1 – Foam Strip

One of the biggest questions that you’ll have to confront throughout this door silencing journey is exactly how much you are willing to go to fix that slamming concern once and for all.

Are you willing to invest in and also install specialty products, or are you even more interested in just cobbling together an extra maketransition option that deserve to be fashioned from items lying approximately your home?

Foam strips are a nice middle ground to these extremes.

On the one hand, it isn’t as crude or fundamental an choice as some of the others on this list. If applied correctly it can serve as a long-term solution, and save you from having to buy somepoint new (assuming you already have foam strips of some kind).

On the various other hand also, it is by no suggests as sophisticated and also expensive as some of the specialty options on this list.

2 – Pinch Guards


Now, let’s begin acquiring right into some of those abovementioned specialtychoices, starting through pinch guards. The premise behind these devices arestraightforward. They pinch either side of your door or door framework, so that once youcshed the door, it is physically difficult for it to slam shut.

While this might make it harder to cshed doors in its entirety, it can be reallyreliable in eliminating the suddenness and noise that comes with slamming adoor.

Another nice touch is that, because pinch guards soptimal doors fromclosing completely, they deserve to be good for baby proofing a home, as they encertain thatyour baby or toddler cannot accidentally slam the door shut on their fingers.

In addition, while other alternatives on this list are even more expensive, oronly come singly and would certainly need buying multiple units for multiple doors,pinch guards are quite affordable and come in packs.

3 – Hydraulic and Pneumatic Door Closers


The the majority of surefire means to sheight your door from slamming is to make it as physically difficult as possible.

The two the majority of common causes of slamming doors is someone obtaining in touch with their inner stage diva and also slamming it out of frustration or carelessness, or else a gust of wind blowing it shut. Either method, turning to a hydraulic door deserve to deal with those problems.

It is worth noting that this is conveniently the many expensive and sophisticated alternative on this list. Chances are it isn’t the choice you’ll desire to make if you have a minor door slamming trouble, or if it’s a door that you don’t tend to use extremely regularly.

Unmuch less this is a primary door in your home or you are a service and also don’t mind paying a little more for the professionalism of a hydraulic choice to rid your premises of slamming doors when and for all, you’ll most likely desire to try among the other choices on this list.

If hydraulic doors are appropriate for you, but, they can be a good method to resolve your slamming door worry as soon as and also for all. These doors are powered with liquid that permits them to close shut with a tight seal, thereby preventing them from blowing open.

Pneumatic door openers occupational the very same means, substituting the power of pressurized air for the hydraulic liquid.

In enhancement, these doors come with a remote control that is offered toopen and shut the door.

4 – Rubber Bands


At the finish oppowebsite finish of the spectrum from pneumatic and also hydraulic doors are rubber bands.

While the former are easily the the majority of fancy and also expensive items on our list, requiring skilled setup and being best suited to experienced spaces such as businesses, rubber bands are as inexpensive as it gets and also almost absolutely somepoint you have lying around currently.

If you’re looking to deal with a slamming door with minimal effort, it’s tough to beat rubber bands.

All you have to carry out is wrap the rubber band also approximately the door manage, and also then extfinish it in such a way regarding ensure that it covers the reverse side of the door also. Of course, if you place too much pressure on a rubber band, they’ll snap.

For the finest results, therefore, you desire to pick a rubber band also that isn’t also stiff or old, however is fresh and broken in simply enough to provide it a little of adaptability.

This will certainly make it simpler for the rubber band also to stretch far sufficient toenable you to wrap it about the latch. In doing so, you’ll produce a bumper thatwill certainly sheight the door from slamming.

5 – Rags and Towels

Alengthy via rubber bands, rags and also towels are as easily accessible and also affordable a door slamming solution as you have the right to imagine.

Even much better, where rubber bands deserve to conveniently snap or wear out, rags and towels are obviously a lot more resilient. You would have to really attempt to tear or damage these towels while using them as an anti-door slamming measure.

The methodology for using these is pretty self-apparent. Ssuggest splitthem into the gap produced by your door, the hinge, and the wall. In so doing,you prevent your door from closing all the way and, therefore, producing thatslamming sound.

In addition, you could want to take into consideration utilizing the rag or towel at the bottom of the door as a doorspeak. To carry out this, you’ll must make sure that it is wadded up sufficiently regarding sheight the door from slamming.

Overall, this method is much less effective than the various other, though it does perhaps put less anxiety on the cloth being provided.

One thing to note about this method is that it is obviously short-lived, which have the right to be a blessing or curse relying on your requirements. If you just need to stop the door slamming shut for a couple of minutes, this have the right to be a nice stopgap meacertain without having actually to resort to the lengthier jobs provided somewhere else on this list.

That shelp, if you are looking for a means to permanently stop a door from slamming, you’d be much better off considering some of the other alternatives.

6 – Felt Pads


We’ve already pointed out attaching foam strips, which deserve to be extremely efficient for heavier doors. If your door is on the lighter side, yet, and also you don’t feel choose messing approximately via foam strips or equivalent products close to your door, felt pads are a viable different.

These pads are commonly used to the bottom of furnishings to get rid of the danger of them scuffing up your floor or vice versa. The factors they are so efficient at that are the same reasons that make them efficient remedies for doors that slam too much.

Their softness deserve to produce a nice soft obstacle in between your door and the frame-hinge location. This slows things down, cushions the blow, and also makes it simpler to absorb the sound, thereby eliminating the slamming.

Anvarious other positive facet of self-stick felt pads is the reality that they are exceptionally straightforward to apply and also reusage. While this is true of other alternatives on this list, felt pads really are as straightforward as “peel and apply.”

As long as the stickiness on the bottom doesn’t wear out, you deserve to also rerelocate and reapply them to various doors as essential.

These pads essentially perdevelop the exact same function as pinch guards,minus the capability to store the door open so as to spare your baby’s fingers. Ifyou don’t have infants and do take place to have actually felt pads for your furniture onhand, they deserve to make a fine substitute and spare you an added expenditure.

How many felt pads you use is approximately you. One alone may be sufficient, as lengthy as you location it straight over the place wright here the door, lock, frame, and also hinge all accomplish.

That said, to really make sure that your door doesn’t accidentally slam shut on you, it is advisable to area a couple of even more felt pads up and also down the door or structure.

7 – Rearea the Hinges


So much, all of our suggestions have actually been predicated on the idea thatwhat’s allowing your door to slam shut hregarding execute through the way it closes.However before, there can be deeper problems afoot. If there is something wrong withyour hinges, it have the right to also cause your door to slam.

This deserve to be the case if your door’s hinges are worn down. This have the right to happen as the result of intake over time or else as the result of weathering from rainwater or various other components seeping in and also damaging your door and also door structure.

In enhancement, there is constantly the possibility that your door, structure, hinge, or some combination thereof were not appropriately mounted to start with.

You will, therefore, should examine to see if your hinges are balancedand also installed appropriately. An simple way to carry out this is by opening your door andutilizing a leveling tool to view if the door or framework lacks balance. If they arebalanced, you’ll want to check the hinges themselves.

If your hinges are indeed the culprit, you’ll need to replace them.Take a screwdriver or drill through the appropriate dimension head and also rerelocate thescrews maintaining your current hinge in place.

Now that you have actually it totally free, it’s time to decide whether you desire to install a new hinge that is precisely favor it or adjust models. If the version you have offered has operated fine for some time, and also has actually ssuggest end up being worn or damaged through no fault of the version, you’ll likely desire to opt for the former.

Otherwise, you’ll want to perform your research and also view which type of hinge best suits your kind of door.

Once you have actually the appropriate hinge for the job, it’s time to attach it,making certain that it remains correctly aligned through your door.

8 – Weather Stripping

Similar to the foam strips, weather stripping can be a good method ofkilling 2 birds with one stone. First, they deserve to get rid of your door slammingtrouble by placing a nice cushion at the suggest where your door and also frame accomplish.2nd, they can assist with your home’s insulation.

That second allude is their major function, after all, and somepoint that can help solve your door slamming dilemma also. After all, as we have actually touched on several times by currently, among the major reasons of doors slamming is gusts of wind blowing them shut.

An reliable means to deal with that is to sheight wind from being able to blow into the area in the first location.

A tight seal is what’s necessary to soptimal this from happening, and also that’swhat weather stripping is all around.

There is yet an additional extra benefit to utilizing weather stripping – soundproofing. After all, it isn’t just that doors slamming is possibly poor for the structure, it’s also quite loud.

You deserve to, thus, take care of both of these worries by attaching weatherstripping to your door structure.

9 – Door Seals and also Filters

Some call them Door Seals, others speak to them Door Filters. Still, a Door Slam Preventer by any type of various other name is still an excellent opportunity to soptimal that annoying slamming noise once and for all.

This is another case wright here you’ll be using somepoint that might not bedesigned to stop doors from slamming per se, yet which can neverthemuch less beefficient in achieving that end.

Door Filters are a term for filtering strips that have the right to be attached to the bottom of your door to proccasion nasty odors from seeping inside. Those filters manage just how a lot air rushes into your house.

Just as they can store foul odors from wafting into your home, so also deserve to they sheight strong gusts of wind – and also as we understand by currently, that have the right to be an efficient method of avoiding your door from slamming shut.

These forms of filters are also pretty straightforward to install. Sindicate followthe instructions and also location the filter along the bottom of your door. They alsotend to be straightforward to rerelocate, so if you ever before must move it to an additional door, youhave to be able to execute that with ease.

10 – Doorstops and Bumpers

Last, however not least, we once aacquire pertained to a pretty apparent option. Whether you’re a skilled carpenter, DIY enthusiast, or just someone via widespread feeling, possibilities are you’ve more than likely currently thought of using a doorstop.

It’s a pretty straightforward solution to the trouble, and also while it can’t prevent anyone from slamming the door and may not occupational in particularly gusty areas, it’s still worth a swarm.

One point you’ll want to make certain of is that any type of doorsoptimal you chooseis the ideal size for the door in question. Make sure the tiny part of thedoorstop that is expected to wedge neatly under the door is a tight, firm fit.If it’s also loose, it will certainly sindicate be puburned aside and also the door will certainly swing freeand slam ameans.

Doors slamming shut can be very frustrating.

It can be simply as frustrating to feel as though tright here is nothing youcan do around it.

However before, as we have actually demonstrated, not just is doors slamming shut anproblem that you deserve to address, you have actually a wide range of options for doing so dependingon just how much you’re willing to spfinish and how imaginative you’re willing to be.

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Leave all that door slamming drama for the phase. No matter yourchoice, you are certain to discover somepoint on this list that have the right to settle your doorslamming troubles when and for all.