A lifeproof case is a cover that protects your smartphone or tablet from high drops, liquid, dirt, and dust. This protective phone cover is made of plastic and rubber. Life-proof instances have even more benefits than a typical phone instance. It snugly fits with your tool. Thus, you cannot rerelocate it as a regular phone or tab situation. I will say the finest and also safest methods to remove lifeproof instances from smartphones or tablets.

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How carry out you obtain a lifeproof instance off?


METHOD 1: Rerelocating the ago of the lifeproof case

Step 1: Open the charger port door of your phone or tablet

Some life-proof instances have a charger port opening at the bottom of the phone/ tablet. If your life-proof situation does not have actually a charger port door, skip this action.

Step 2: Unplug the headphone jack plug of lifeproof case

To prevent any kind of treview dameras to the headphone jack plug

Step 3: Find the tiny slot alongside the charger port

Slot dimension is about 2 cmThe slot greatly located on the appropriate side of the charger port of your smartphone (as soon as your phone must face to you)Some proof instance has two slots 

Step 4: Insert the situation vital right into the slot and also separate the lifeproof case

Use a thin plastic item that comes through the instance to sepaprice the front side and backside of the life-proof instance.Insert lifeproof instance crucial right into the slot and twist itSlide it as much as separate the height and also bottom of the lifeproofing caseContinue this till you hear a click sound. Click is a signal that the ago and also front parts of the instance are separated.If your smartphone has actually two slots, repeat this procedure for another slot also.

Step 5: Insert your thumb in between the lifeproof situations and fully separate it

When you use to case key or coin to separate the case, put your thumb between the gap of front and earlier sides of the coverCaretotally relocate your thumb till the situation back component is entirely separated.

METHOD 02: Rerelocating the front of the lifeproof case

Tip 1: Put your smartphone on a soft surchallenge (sofa, bed, or couch)

A smartphone can fall when it pops out from the case

Step 2: Use your thumbs to use pressure to the front side of the lifeproof case

Turn your phone display screen side 

Gently push the middle of the instance making use of your thumb.

Step 3: Pull the sides of the lifeproofing instance up until you hear a click

Use your fingers to pull the sides of lifeproof instance up while your thumbs are on the smartphone display screen.At this action, your phone can easily pop out of the case. That’s why I asked you to execute this on a soft surface. 

How perform you put on a life-proof instance without bubbles?

Rerelocate any type of display protectors and also clean the phone making use of a clothPlaced the bottom of your phone right into the front cover of the lifeproofing caseOver time insert the optimal side of the phone to the instance cover (Without having air bubbles)Take the case backpack and also press it and also collection it into the front side of the caseClose the charge port door

How execute you take off a life-proof instance without the key?

Open a charge port doorUnplug the headphone jack plug of lifeproof caseFind the little slot/slots alongside the charger portInsert the “US Neco coin” into the slot (you have the right to usage same coin or tool)Rotate that coin clockwise and also sepaprice the lifeproof caseInsert your finger right into the gap in between the back and also front caseRun your finger approximately the phone and also smoothly sepaprice life fproof caseYou have the right to better use plastic or any type of various other steel material besides the lifeproof vital. But make sure that tool does not damages your phone and also lifeproof instance.

How do I solve the bubble on my LifeProof case?

Place your hand also roughly the earlier of the smartphoneNow your fingers are on one side, and also your thumb is on the oppowebsite side of the phoneSqueeze your hand together, and also a plastic shield will wrap for a minute approximately the phoneRelease your handThe plastic shield will certainly straighten out and also without any air bubbles on the lifeproof case

Additionally, you deserve to check your life roof case’s water-resistant feature before adding your phone to it. 

First, you have the right to fit the front and earlier sides of the case Dip lifeproof situation for 15 minutes in the water. Then take it and wipe it using a clean cloth. Check whether water is leaked into the situation or notIf water did not leak right into the inner side of thelife roof situation, it is suitable for use.Do this test eexceptionally 03 months to safeguard your phone.


I hope you learn exactly how carry out you acquire a lifeproof instance off.

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