99% of the moment if the leader is wound all the way in it’s been used/exposed. https://i.imgur.com/TAHtHYb.jpg

This roll most most likely has been swarm.

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If the leader is completely rewound right into the canister, it has practically certainly been swarm. But some camages leave a tiny little of leader sticking out after rewinding, and also if it’s a manual rewind camera, some people listen for the film to pop off the takeup spool and also sheight rewinding tright here. So it’s almost impossible to understand for certain.

Of the four rolls in the facility of your photo, if I had to guess I’d say the 2 on the ends have actually not been shot. The second from the left has actually a leader that looks favor it has actually been partially rewound into the canister, so it might have been exposed by a electronic camera that leaves the leader out once rewinding.

Since the majority of cameras spool the exposed film in the opposite direction (counter clockwise), you deserve to generally check out the curl of the film, and also it looks prefer that one roll has some opposite curl.

If you house dev, You can always clip 6 inches or so off the front in a dark bag and dev it to watch. But that can be even more effort than its worth.

I likewise leave a tiny little bit of leader out once I rewind. I then mark the canister via sharpie, fold the leader backwards roughly the canister and also shove it ago into the holder. This provides me a double clue that it's been shot 1) the bfinish back leader 2) date/topic on the can.

Why the downvote? I've set my video camera to leave the leader out. How precisely would I distinguish such a roll from an unused roll?

Source to earlier up my opinion:https://photo.stackexreadjust.com/a/36057

Edit: to add to what I sassist above, the automated winder in my cam doesn't leave any kind of discernable marks on the film. Example of film that has actually been loaded into my cam and also then rewound through the leader out: https://i.imgur.com/93oHnu8h.jpg

I had a mate that gained right into film and he shed the plastic canisters with a lighter after exposing them. I told him he was an idiot and must just check if the leaders out

Tbelow are some point-and-shoot camages that don't wind up the film all the means back right into the canister, however 99% of the moment if the leader sticks out the film is excellent to usage.

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It possibly kinda silly but I’d quite ask.

How carry out I understand if these Kodak films had actually been used? At the top there’s some boxed Kodak gold so no prob for these ones. But some of them are unboxed, but were they shot? Tright here a completely rewinded one at the facility so I guess it was. The Fuji on the ideal has a tiny hole on the film so I guess that suggests swarm don’t use again



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