Today"s Skyrim patch has some unfortunate side results. I"ve turned off updates for the game in Steam for the moment being, yet I can"t discover almost everywhere that shows whether it"s already been updated or not.

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Steam and also silent patching aside, it"s advantageous to know what variation of the game you"re running, particularly when mods begin depending on certain versions. How have the right to I discover out?


Start/fill a game, push ESC to bring up the system menu, and also it"s tright here close to the bottom left hand edge.


There"s no straight way in Steam. However it"s possible by checking the Skyrim executable"s metainformation. Go to you vapor installation folder, then browse to steamappscommonskyrim .

Right click the TESV.exe file and also pick properties. The variation number need to be shown in the details tab.



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