3Enter a messageTo record and send a voice message, tap and organize Record (Wavelength icon) , say your message, and then release your finger. The recording symbol shows up only while the keyboard is hidden

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3View your conversationTo reply to the message, tap Enter message, enter a message, and then tap Send
1Launch the Messages App and tap More alternatives (3 vertical icon) > Setups > Block numbers and messperiods > Block numbers
2Tap INBOX and choose a contact. Or, tap CONTACTS, choose contacts, and then tap DONE.To manually enter a number, tap Enter number, enter a phone number, and then tap +
1Launch the Messeras App, tap More option (3 vertical dots) > Setups > Notifications, and also then tap the switch to activate it

Setting a message reminderYou have the right to set an alert at an interval to let you recognize that you have unchecked notifications. If this feature is not set off, launch the Settings App, tap Accessibility > Notification reminder, and also then tap the switch to activate it. Then, tap the Messeras switch to activate it.


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