I"ve already got 30 minutes worth of torches. I have actually yet not got the understanding of how to actually usage "em. I"ve pumelted eexceptionally button, searched all available options, to no avail.

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How to use a torch?


Can you not simply walk up to a lit brazier and also press A? Or at a bonfire, you need to toggle and also then push A? Full disclocertain, I"ve only watched various other world play.


I haven"t done it yet myself, yet I think if you usage the "Toggle" switch at a bonfire you deserve to then light your torch. I do not understand how the timer works. Does it reset after the torch goes out or carry out you must find/buy even more if you use up you time limit?


gamingsince81: Yeah, you simply go up to the bonfire and toggle it so it states "light torch" you deserve to likewise light it on ant various other sconces you have actually lit. I haven"t discovered any kind of to buy, yet yes, you need to discover more.


Can you not simply walk as much as a lit brazier and also push A? Or at a bonfire, you have to toggle and also then push A? Full disclocertain, I"ve just watched various other human being play.

The previous is the only method of that I understand just how to do it. I tried the last, but bonfire fire seems to be also magical to go on a torch.

EDIT: Apparently various other commenters case you CAN usage the bonfire. I need to go try this!

I"ll admit this is a tiny confmaking use of because the torch doesn"t show up as an actual item in your inventory you deserve to equip and also pull out, like the majority of weapons/shields. It basically only exists as that timer on your tools screen.

I issue that I"m wasting most time trying to light braziers like a crazy perboy (WHAT DO THEY DO, I MUST KNOW!! p.s. do not tell me)


Took me around an hour to realize you do not equip the torch manually. But yeah, any type of bonfire or fire stand have to work-related.

beard_of_zeus: Yeah, the implementation of the torch seems really starray, in that it"s a physical object that you have to hold in one of your hands, yet it doesn"t actually take up a slot all over in your inventory. It"s just this huge fat timer in your inventory food selection. I assume the torch does not boost your weight at all, considering that there"s no means to drop it?

Maybe the entirety torch point is a result of them gaining a bunch of feedback from players that everybody hated Tomb of Giants and also how it"s possible to miss the lantern and/or put the lantern into their inventory and also foracquire about it. So now the torch is this huge influential mechanic you can not forgain about and also forcibly constantly have actually via you, as lengthy as you have the right to find somewhere to light it.

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I still kinda prefer Vinny"s original theory wright here he believed you couldn"t usage bonfires, and also that this one scas soon as beforehand in the game is the ur-scas soon as that is the source of all future sconces you ever light. It has a really "Olympic flame" vibe to it.