When Prakash told his mommy that he loves her, she just retained looking at him for a while and sighed "What carry out you desire now?"

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__LISTSEPARATOR____START__This really cute dialogue from "No Strings Attached".

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__LISTSEPARATOR____START__"I love you till infinity."


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When Antara Sarkar said ‘I love you’ to her niece she responded, "I love you till infinity".

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__LISTSEPARATOR____START__"I told you, you will certainly uncover your courage."


"I had actually a crush on my best frifinish, (I, many kind of times, provided to talk of courage to carry out something). One day I messaged her, "I LOVE YOU". She replied, ‘I told you, you will certainly find your courage’. Now we are in a partnership."

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He : I love you 

She : (Looking deep into his eyes) I understand.

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__LISTSEPARATOR____START__"I love you even more."


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Robert"s child who is 11 years old was keen on saying this to him out of the blue. So he answered: "I love you too!" He said: "I love you more". 

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__LISTSEPARATOR____START__"And, I love all the letters of the English alphabet."

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__LISTSEPARATOR____START__"I was just thinking the exact same thing around muffins!"


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Me: "I love you."

Girlfriend: "I was simply thinking the same point around muffins!"

Note: We are still together and she still loves muffins.

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__LISTSEPARATOR____START__"Don"t reply. Phone"s with mum."


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"When I remained in the tenth grade, I had actually a mobile however she didn"t. She used to text me from her mom"s phone, without her mommy understanding. So often our chats ended abruptly when her mommy was roughly her. The last text I always sent out was "I love you", to which the a lot of regular reply was "Don"t text/reply. Phone"s through mum."