Breaking News: Hugh Downs, a longtime host of “Today” and “20/20,” whose honeyed distribution and low-vital manner made him a TV favorite for years, has passed away at 99

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A longtime host of both “Today” and also “20/20,” for many kind of years he organized the Guinness-certified record for a lot of total hours on commercial netjob-related tv.

He reworn down from “20/20” in 1999 and passed away at age 99 in the year 2020. Sweet symmeattempt. Rest easy, Hugh Downs. One of the ideal.…

Carl Reiner, 98.Hugh Downs, 99.

Good males who each lived excellent, long stays doing excellent for others.

Take your cues from the good guys, they still exist



A fellow Ohioan and a pillar of broadcasting.

But my most enduring memory of him was watching on a tiny B&W TV as he held CONCENTRATION.I was a really little bit boy (single digits?) but I can play that game!…

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Oh guy, and right here I just pointed out throughout my Dark Side of the Ring testimonial recently on the 20/20 occurrence that Hugh Downs was still alive