What execute Dwayne "The Rock" Johnboy, Dave Bautista, and Nicki Minaj all have actually in common?I"ll provide you a minute to think around that.Alright, offer up? Here"s the answer: every one of them got their first mainstream exposure via the WWE.But wait, you ask, how the hell did Nicki Minaj usage the WWE as a platform to acquire shelp mainstream exposure?You check out, 13 years back, before she started collaborating through the likes of Drake, Madonna, and also Justin Bieber, before the colorful and also crazy outfits, and before she acquired found by Lil Wayne, she was a young rapper trying to make it in the music sector. She was part of a rap quartet called The Hoodstars, and also that group had an possibility to document a WWE entrance template in 2004 for ThemeAddict: WWE The Music, Vol. 6.Even Wikipedia (which is totally not a legit resource as soon as you compose your paper, high institution kids; check the references)—corroborates it:

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She ain"t a lady to mess through.

Yep, Victoria. You"ll actually hear Nicki Minaj"s vocals from the incredibly initially minute of the song. Just click below:
Nicki actually doesn"t sound all that different from how she raps these days. What"s pretty amazing to listen to is the beat and just how it"s got some angry guitar riffs peppered in in between it. That"s the kind of shit you won"t necessarily hear in 2017.The means the Hoodstars rap via the verses sagutan-style reminds me of the Usos" "In Twelve Days" promo from last week"s SmackDownLive. Other than that, there isn"t really anypoint remarkable aside from that dude from the Hoodstars who raps like Ol" Dirty Bastard.What the design template does attain is the vibe that whichever woman enters to this track comes throughout favor a badass instantly. Victoria was constantly able to pull off the "badass chick" gimmick in and also out of the ring and also a theme choose this eventually suited her, also if it sounded recurring once the first 2 verses acquired out of the means.Yeah, the template isn"t really anypoint distinct, but everybody starts somewhere. And for one Nicki Minaj, it was among the initially times for the people to hear what she had actually to offer the civilization of hip-hop.So, yes, think it. We as soon as heard Nicki Minaj on a weekly basis in the WWE. Starships were intended to fly, after all.Photos from WWE and bet.com

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