Joker is a beautiful movie that mirrors the steady derangement of Arthur Fleck, that turns right into among DC"s favorite villains: the Joker. Joker is about exactly how a consistent guy, Fleck, transitions into this maniacal villain. We understand that the Joker thinks that he"s a comedian (while still being self aware) and also every little thing he does is sort of an act -- yet attached to some good in his check out -- and also in Joker, we lastly check out how he gets to that allude psychologically. I"m thinking about the scene in the hospital

(as soon as he kills his mother)

as soon as he claims, "I supplied to think my life was a tragedy, yet now I realize that it"s a comedy". What specifically triggers that readjust in his attitude towards his life? On first glance, it could seem choose the answer to that question is noticeable, however there"s so much going on in the movie at the exact same time that I"m perplexed about what especially reasons this adjust.

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I will certainly when aget endeavor to answer a question about a movie I have not yet seen ( yet I carry out have actually tickets for this Sunday )

First, let me start with a quote from Mel Brooks, among the best minds of our time.

“Tragedy is when I reduced my finger. Comedy is as soon as you fall right into an open sewer and also die.”

There is exceptionally subtle distinction here (I"m not being too sarcastic here, I hope). The tragedy is as soon as we personally endure loss, pain, injury bereason of the pain we feel. From the trailers, Arthur Fleck is watched to go via plenty in his life. The comedy aspect is from watching something as an unaffiliated observer. Depfinishing on that you are and your sense of humor, you may uncover some points funny (comedy) or not. That component is subjective to each individual.

Back to Arthur and also the spoiler in your post. Not sure wright here it falls in the plot, yet it is a movie about the mental breakdvery own of an individual who becomes a villain. Perhaps committing acts of evil are comedic to him after he has made the complete transition from a functional humale being to a comic-book level mega-villain.