I am a type of room you cannot enter or leave. Raised from the ground below, I could be poisonous or a delicious treat. What am I?

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by BerriesEmulous of fame Grand

I am a type of room you cannot enter or leave. Raised from the ground below, I could be poisonous or a delicious treat. What am I?

by BerriesEmulous of fame Grand
I am the type of room you can not enter or leave. Raise from the ground below, I could be poisonous or a delicious treat. What am I?
by BerriesEmulous of fame Grand
There is a lamp inside a photography darkroom. When the darkroom door is closed, it is impossible to tell from outside the room whether or not the lamp is on. There are two switches outside the door of the darkroom. One or both of the switches may control the lamp. It also could be that neither of the switches control the lamp. All you know is that the light bulb is currently off and that the lamp and bulb are in working condition. The darkroom door is closed and once you open the door you cannot touch either of the switches. If you can only open the dark-room door one time, how can you tell which switches, if any, control the lamp?
by BerriesEmulous of fame Grand
You are standing in front of a room with one lightbulb inside of it. You cannot see if it is on or off. Outside the room, there are 3 switches in the off positions. You may turn the switches any way you want to. You stop turning the switches, enter the room and know which switch controls the lightbulb. How?
by BerriesEmulous of fame Grand
A man and a woman enter a crowded room where many people they have seen before are present. The man and the woman enter the room separately, but only one of them enters to a musical serenade. Another man speaks to each of them for a few minutes when the two get together in the room. The crowd has been quiet for the most part, and the familiar people seem to be in a happy mood, but when the man and the woman leave the room, they find the crowd is now outside waiting for them. When the crowd sees the man and the woman, they begin shouting and throwing food at the two as they try to depart the area. What was going on here, and why did the crowd pelt the man and the woman with food?
A son went to his father"s house and knocked on the door. When his father answered the door, the son said, "O.K., today is the day I promised to burn your house to the ground." "But I built the house in 1941 with my own two hands. It has a lot of sentimental value, and is still very useful to me," replied the father. "Too bad," said the son, "but I have always loathed it, especially in the wintertime, and I grew to especially hate it since you added that second hole to it when you built the addition to the house when I was a teenager." "But if you burn the house down, where will I go?" asked the father. "You will just have to go where most people go in these modern times," answered the son. "Well, I guess you"re right," said his father. The son then promptly escorted his father outside, wh
Some will use me, while others will not, some have remembered, while others have forgot. For profit or gain, I"m used expertly, I can"t be picked off the ground or tossed into the sea. Only gained from patience and time, can you unravel my rhyme? What am I?
How can you clasp someone"s hands together in such a manner that they cannot leave the room without unclasping them?
I have keys but no locks, I have space but no room, U can enter but you can"t go outside. What Am I?
I have keys that open no locks, I have space, but there is no room, You can enter, but you can"t go in.What am I?
I have one eye but cannot see. No teeth, and yet I bite. My voice can whisper softly or can keep you up all night. P.S. This riddle is meant to be heard, not read. As such, please read it aloud and figure it out from there, to grasp the answer. What am I?
I am both a killer and a savior, it depends on those who wield me. I will bring you from deep water to the shallows, or maybe I could be the one who will hang you in the gallows. What am I?
I like to roam but I"ll always stay home,I leave a silver track,If you carried what I could carry with the way I moved,You"d break your neck and back.What am I?
I can reach up from the ground, or hang from a tree, I am the result of your labour, or your offspring I can be. What am I?
I cheer you up when someone or something hurts you. You"re satisfied by the way treat you. I"m there for you through thick and thin. Even when you"re down, sometimes I"m there all year round. What am I?
I am a sentence that can be flipped around yet still be the same. You may find me strange but here"s a hint, I trade with something that brings allergies and a treat to a cat. What sentence am I?
No one can see me, hear me, feel me, or smell me. Yet, if you tell me... I can do all those things and more. Every person, animal, amphibian (or more) needs me. Without me my wielder will die. I can only be touched when my bearer is dead, and I can only be used if my bearer lives. You can create me cooperatively, but cannot create me manually. What am I?
I fly in the air, But I am not always there. I cannot be touched, But I can be felt or held. Think very hard, But if you live near the equator, You may have a tough time seeing me. What am I?
My brother has always been the adventurous type. Unlike me, a high ranking government official, my dear brother avoids politics whenever possible, choosing to pursue more dangerous interests. In fact, my brother has many enemies ----- enemies who have tried to kill him by gun, knife, drowning, poison dart, strangulation, and by trying to infect him with a deadly disease. His life has been threatened by a vicious killer dog, a deadly poisonous snake, and a very large rat. To top it all off, my brother is a drug addict. Even his partner, who has some medical knowledge, has been unsuccessful in freeing him from this addiction. So, with all of this information, can you state my name and the name of my brother?

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