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(Verse 1)Music's guy made; guess I'm my very own religionTheology is lame, I'm below for some revisionSo what I'm from the 'burbs? It don't impede my visionMake my money cuz I'm dollar ill, ring a physicianYa'll ignoring me, shortly to be my parasitesIf I have actually haters, it just suggests I have a style to biteI'll pound you in the paint, basketround or hip-hopYa'll some mice, I go hickory dickory dockRock around the clock, guy at occupational, difficult hatPrick a couplet, fire a rhyme, holdster difficult, brratI flow prefer 90's gold, that ain't nothin' new(I deserve to do anything much better than you)Cash rules everything around me, old mint;But I'mma rap and knock you on the mat and also outta printWith the ideal hook, and also some rhyme glueI deserve to perform anypoint better than you(Verse 2)What's this talk about my rapping abilities being flat?People gimme sketchy looks, yo, what's with that?Last time I checked, cookin' eexceptionally beatI've been the finest ever before given that I was on the training seatOkay, my competition's in the burg, hoorayThey gaining faded eexceptionally Friday night so who they?Ya'll gotta wish for talent; rent a damn genieStuntin' favor you tryna be HoudiniWhatchu mean you goin' hard? Sick via it?Dorothy to my West Witch; straight wickedI'm the one percent of top quality, 'bout to picketLight cha'll up; matches to some wickerSo you're envious? Huh, what a damn surpriseMy phonics metronomic, woah, look at time flyTwo minutes in, eighteenager years of swag ideal hereYa'll lookin' for the best rapper, I simply inspect a mirror
(Verse 3)Sorry for the language; this shit's pretty graphicBut I'm loomin' over lames, ya'll need me to graph it?He through stone age flow, please, let's get JurassicDudes standard these days, I pack verbal acidSpit my train of thoughts at a entirety institution of fishYa'll referred to as that genie yet? Ha, better make a wishBallin' too hard; swish swishI serve you on the plast favor you're just my side dishLet's count the numbers, I'm up ten to nothingFools attempt to number that they comin' earlier, ya'll just bluffin'?Please be a good sport, shake hands and wish you wellToo negative envy is a sin; ya'll goin' to HellDid I tell you I annihilate the status quo?Rhyme difficult, random girls liking my standing, broAsk me where I'm goin'... I don't knowBut a tortoise pace deserve to win the race, cuz ya'll a hare slow