Remember the days when we were younger and also didn't have to slap on a tonne of facial commodities and still look great?

Don't even gain me began on packing for a one-night staycation, a lot much less for a holiday. I'd have to bring along my confront cleanser, serum, hydrating lotion, mask and the list goes on.

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It provides me minor anxiety each time I need to pack for a trip bereason I'd have to pick which bottles get left behind to reduced dvery own on baggage weight, and also that will certainly usually mess up my skincare program.

I thmust myself, tbelow should be an simpler way to preserve my confront without this many facial commodities, and also chanced upon articles online about the benefits of not washing your challenge.


So, I made a decision to put myself through one more beauty experiment: to speak cleansing my challenge.

But prior to you judge me and also think I'm dirty, I'll not be washing my face only in the morning for a whole week. My usual skintreatment program of cleansing and moistuincreasing will still be done at night. 


I have actually combination skin, so my face gets oily in the T-zone and also dry in various other components. 

I began the first day of my experiment on a Sunday, learning I'll be home the entire day. So if my face feels uncomfortably oily or dry at any type of time of the day, I recognize I deserve to remedy it conveniently or possibly even call it quits.

I wasn't fairly used to just washing my face with water, but I appreciated how quick it took to freshen up in the morning.


I had actually skipped putting on serum and also hydrating lotion altogether too.

My joy was very shortlived when my challenge started tightening up and also feeling favor a prune from being too dry. But I wasn't going to let it deter me.

To consist of for the dryness, my confront began becoming excessively oily midday. I couldn't wait to wash my challenge in the night and also offer it the usual TLC.


I had a good 10 minutes more to sleep in because prep time is shorter.

This time, after washing my challenge via water, I applied a thin layer of aloe vera gel on my face to prevent it from drying up favor the previous day.


I went on to apply sunscreen lotion and also light makeup consisting of structure and also blusher.

Usually, my confront gets really oily ideal after lunch, especially after having fried food. 

But through this brand-new regimen, I noticed my skin produces lesser sebum. Even though it is still slightly oily, I don't feel the should wipe it or clean it via a tproblem paper.

Surprisingly, day 2 went pretty well, also though some components of the face favor the chin area were slightly dry.


I'm all for lazy girl hacks, so by day 3 and 4 I'd end up being accustomed to the idea of not washing my confront via cleanser in the morning. Anything to spend time more successfully.

But bereason my chin and also nose were dry, it began becoming itchy and also a pimple or two broke out. Though, I should say it cleared up as conveniently as it showed up and also didn't stay on for even more than a day.



By day 5 and six, I can feel that my skin was getting supplied to this brand-new program.

Before embarking on this experiment, I had actually tiny oil bumps approximately my jawline and cheekbones.

I assumed the bumps would just go away if I go for my facial appointments on a regular basis, but after being coerced by pushy therapists right into buying their overpriced packeras one too many kind of times, I've given that shunned facial treatments altogether. 

Day 6 into the program, the tiny oil bumps began clearing up and my skin looked brighter. Perhaps it was starting to counter itself, and also because it wasn't excreting as well a lot sebum, my pores weren't clogged. 

I also toyed via the principle of not washing my confront with a cleanser at the finish of the day bereason my challenge still felt fresh and clean.

Maybe one day I'll get rid of my cleanser and sheight washing my face entirely? We'll check out.


One week into the experiment and also I nearly broke the cycle. This occurred after vacuuming the floor and breaking out in perspiration. 

I instinctively reached out to obtain my challenge wash once showering. I child you not when I say I had actually a "shoulder angel versus devil" minute.

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A part of me wanted to place the face wash ago on the rack, while another part of me was tempted to wash my "post-workout" confront given that the experiment would certainly more than by the finish of the day.

For the sake of accuracy, I reluctantly wamelted my challenge with water alone. I did, but, take a tiny even more time to rinse my confront under the water, fooling myself right into thinking it'll remove eexceptionally trace of dirt and oil.

I believed my challenge would be disgustingly grimy throughout the day, but all was well also after placing on a complete face of makeup.


My skin is nowright here near perfect after washing it just with water in the morning for a week, however my complexion has actually never before been much better.

If you perform attempt this, my advice would certainly be to stick it out for a week, as I did view my skin improving from the fifth day onward.

Instead of feeling choose my pores are clogged via oil, the herbal sebum developed by my skin now feels like a protective layer of moisturiser that isn't overly greasy or intolerable.

The finest thing I obtained out of this experiment is that my makeup looks almost matt, as an outcome of my challenge being less oily and also my pores ending up being smaller.


I'm confident I'll reach the day when my face is shine-free, and hopecompletely, I'll be less dependant on skintreatment commodities (Read: I gave up moisturiser for two weeks).

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I don't think I'll ever wash my face in the morning aacquire considering that this has operated out for my skin. Also, with this regimen, I foresee saving even more money on skincare products considering that I'll be making use of lesser of it. Little wins in life!

Do note that different skin forms will certainly yield various results, and possibly consult a dermatologist or skin care expert if you intfinish to try this out.

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