What are inline suggestions in Outlook?

Inline suggestions in Outlook are brief information and AI-moved notifications that show up in Outlook while you are either reading or composing an e-mail or a meeting invitation.

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Inline suggestions deserve to help increase your performance and that of your team by displaying beneficial suggestions, tips, and also best methods around regulating email and running meetings. They aid indevelop and overview you in making effective email and meeting decisions. They deserve to additionally help you reinsurance claim emphasis hrs and construct better cooperation behavior, in enhancement to various other useful benefits. Types of inline suggestions lists some of what you can check out in Outlook.


Only you deserve to view your information, check out Privacy FAQ for details.

Why do not I see any type of inline suggestions?

Inline suggestions are available in the latest versions of Outlook for the web and Outlook for Windows through muzic-ivan.info 365 or muzic-ivan.info 365 licenses. To watch inline suggestions in Outlook for Windows, be certain that the following is in location on your computer:

Outlook for Windows 2016 version 1808 or greater and also construct 16.0.10730 or better.

In Outlook for Windows, inline suggestions will certainly present up while analysis or writing an e-mail or a meeting invitation. In Outlook for the internet, inline suggestions only display while reading email and also meetings. These suggestions are not presently easily accessible in Outlook for Mac, Outlook for iOS, and Outlook for Android.


Inline suggestions are not easily accessible on mobile devices.

Types of inline suggestions

The adhering to are a couple of of the suggestions you might watch in Outlook:

Opt out of inline suggestions

To opt out of inline suggestions in Outlook, choose the Insights icon on the Outlook Home ribbon.


If you are using Outlook on the web, the Insights icon is in the ellipsis menu as soon as reading an email message or when sending a new message.


Select the Settings (gear) symbol in the Insights add-in.


In Settings, for Productivity inline suggestions, change the establishing to Off.


If I am opted out, deserve to I opt back in?

Yes; if you opt yourself out, you deserve to opt earlier in any type of time to reobtain access to inline suggestions.

Providing feedback

You deserve to administer feedearlier for the inline pointer in either of the following ways:

Select Feedback in the pointer. This opens the Feedago page in the Insights add-in.

Open the inline pointer in the Insights add-in and also include your feedago in the section at the bottom of the page:


By using either of these options, you have the right to provide "thumbs up" or a "thumbs down" indication and also follow up via verbal feedback. If you pick thumbs down, you"ll view much less of that tip.

You deserve to additionally pick Turn off all notifications if you would favor not to receive any of the inline suggestions in the future.

You deserve to also carry out basic feedback on anything by choosing the smiley face icon at the upper-ideal of the Insights Add-in pane.

Delay delivery

When you"re creating an e-mail in Outlook, you could watch a idea to schedule email distribution at a later time. MyAnalytics can schedule email delivery that aligns via the working hours of the recipients in their respective time areas. This helps minimize interruptions to recipients external their functioning hours. (Distribution lists and also muzic-ivan.info 365/Office 365 teams execute not count as qualifying recipients for usage by the delay-shipment function.)

These suggestions are currently only obtainable to muzic-ivan.info or Office 365 E5, E3, and E1 customers that are using the Outlook desktop app. Be certain that you have actually Outlook for Windows 2016 variation 1808 or greater and construct 16.0.12016.10000 or greater.

When inline suggestions is turned on, you deserve to delay up two email deliveries each day. To obtain even more than 2 everyday delayed deliveries, you deserve to opt in to the Delay delivery arrangement either in MyAnalytics or in the Outlook Insights add-in. For details, view Delay shipment setup.


To delay delivery

When you see a suggested delivery time while composing an e-mail, such as Thu, Nov 07 10:00 AM (as displayed in the graphic), select Delay send to confirm message distribution at that time.


An understanding opens to show the reserved time. You deserve to select:

Send (within the email) to send the email at that scheduled time.Edit time (within the insight) to change the argued distribution time, and then pick Send (within the email) to sfinish the email at the new time.Cancel delay (within the insight) to cancel the reserved distribution time, and then choose Send (within the email) to sfinish the email currently.


After you send the email, it"s preserved in your Outlook Sent items folder till the booked distribution time, once it"s immediately ceded for you.

Before the message is sent out, you can open up the message and also select:

Sfinish now to ignore the booked shipment time and send the email now.Don"t send to sheight the reserved delivery time, which moves the email to your Outlook Deleted items folder.


Suggested superior tasks

When analysis an e-mail or a calendar invitation, you might watch a pointer to review said exceptional work for the sender of email or calendar invitation. There are job suggestions based upon your email interactions through the sender in the last 14 days and also can assist you keep tab of tasks you promised to acquire done or that team members asked you to complete.


You can pick See my tasks to check out and follow up on the possibly impressive task in Insights. As presented in this image, you deserve to open the related job (RE: Kat - Anisa chat) for even more details, or select Mark as done or Not a task to rerelocate it from your task list.


Get even more time to focus

While analysis a calendar invitation, you might watch a pointer to Book time for focused work (if you have actually a hefty meeting load) so that you get even more time to do deep job-related and also reinsurance claim your calendar for occupational that matters the majority of.


Select See said times to open up a pane that screens all the time easily accessible to focus in the coming week, through a couple of obtainable slots eincredibly day. With one click you deserve to include focus time to your calendar and gain ready for distraction-cost-free deep occupational. You have the right to also book all available time for concentrated job-related via one click, for this reason setting you up for concentrated occupational over a much longer duration.


Plan your time away

When creating an e-mail or calendar invitation in Outlook about your upcoming time ameans from work-related, you could see a suggestion similar to the complying with.



This tip is only available if you have an E5 plan. It"s coming quickly to E1/E3 plans. This feature falls under the ptestimonial of linked experiences that analyze your content in Office.

Reduce the anxiety of planning for time ameans from work via the Plan your time away checklist. When you check out an inline pointer about it, select Plan to open the checklist and also do the following:

Resettle all your meetings in one location via a practice message about your reserved time off.Compose your automatic replies and inform your team around your planned time off.Schedule focus time to wrap up tasks prior to you go and to catch up on job-related as soon as you get earlier.


For even more details around how to use the checklist, see Plan your time away.

Protect your focus time

If a meeting repursuit problems via an existing focus-time block, you can view a tip to protect your focus-time block by relocating the emphasis time to an additional time or to fulfill at another time.


Select See other available times to open the Insights add-in pane and display all the available time in the coming week to reschedule the meeting. By choosing a time block you have the right to propose a new time to the meeting organizer.


Select Move your focus block to open up the Insights add-in and also display screen all the accessible focus-time blocks in the coming week. By choosing a time block you deserve to move the focus block that is "in conflict" to a brand-new time, ensuring you have some time for deep job-related.


Shorten a meeting

When writing a meeting invitation via a duration of one hour, you can watch a idea to shorten the meeting by 15 minutes to build some buffer time and save attendees time.

Select Shorten meeting to decrease the meeting time by 15 minutes. This also opens the Insights add-in, where you have the right to check out the amount of time conserved by all the participants in the meeting.


Track email open up rate

While analysis an email that you"ve sent, you can see an understanding that highlights what portion of the email"s recipients have actually opened up the email.


Select See more insights to watch exactly how many type of people have opened or forwarded your email and also the average time that they invested reading that email, plus equivalent indevelopment for any attachments on that email. This information can help you follow up via recipients if required and/or tailor your communication style to acquire the project done.

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Track email

When creating an e-mail to even more than 5 recipients, you could watch a pointer that reads "Insights deserve to track the email."

Select Track this email to watch the email open rate and also even more statistics about this email. This indevelopment becomes easily accessible 15 minutes after you sent out the email. You deserve to view this indevelopment by opening the sent out email or by opening the Insights add-in and selecting Track email open up rates.