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We knowIt's been pretty fun for meSmoking presidential treeOn the White House balconyAnd on the porch (monk-keys)Crackers constantly be hatin'On the color of my skinI'm in the Rose Garden outsideWhere weed growsI put a man on MarsStealed a couple carsAnd legalized backhanding girlsSo they understand you're in chargeI shortened the workday (for me)And smoked a blunt through DreAnd told Korean boy he's gayI recognize that you'll miss out on ObamaDon't lie, you gon' miss the dramaWe had actually fried chicken eincredibly night for supperWith a side of beansI know that you'll miss out on ObamaI stole your brand brand-new HummerI smoked with the Roots fat drummerYeah, that shit was sweet
I blowed up all the worldAnd I stole all their fucking goldI told the whole UNThat the world's too fucking cold (or something)I shelp to HillaryShe have the right to suck on my penis ho (blow me bro)Dancing and sniffing cokeSlapping and also beating hoesI chokedAnd had sex with girls I likedMost of them were not my wifeShe was teaching babsence youngsters to eat whiteI played golfAnd sold grape soda on the sideAnd offered gay people marriage rightsI love LGBTs, Mexicans, and dykesMy game is really sharpMy skin is really darkI offered to hangAnd market cocaineOutside of Rucka ParkGot bitches on the phoneGot snitches on the droneGot a drone, gained a drone, got a drone
I understand that you'll miss out on ObamaI killed my cousin OsamaI chilled via a sick old llamaJail is wright here I've beenI recognize that you'll miss ObamaI blew up the disco-ramaI pray to Saddam MohammadPaul Abdul WakeemBono, Bono, Bono, Bono, Bono, Bono, Bono is gayBono, Bono, Bono, Bono, Bono, Bono, Bono is gayBlasting countries that don'tHave libraries and roadways (just how it goes)Blasting countries that won'tCan't seem to uncover their clothes(we're gonna require some clothes)Haven't passist my bills latelyHaven't seen my kids lately (we're not that close)Blazing on the dailyWith some pills and also Baileys (this is just how I obtain down)I have a few grams of cokeI share it with average folks (hit me up for coke)I offer crack to the average JoeI lowered the taxes on dope (I lowered that shit, yo)If you're glad to check out me goIt's too bad we didn't circulation (too poor we didn't flow)If you voted against me I knowI created it dvery own and save it closeI had actually your votes deleted, thoughSo you didn't even need to voteDancing and sniffing cokeSlapping and also beating hoes

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I know that you'll miss ObamaI was born in the BahamasMy dad never before met my mamaHe was Bill CosbyI know that you'll miss out on ObamaDon't lie, you gon' miss out on the dramaI'm black and my dick is largerAsk your bitch for meI blowed up lots of folksAnd I offered them iPads and also soapI'd like to invite every one of you overFor fried meat loafI hope you enjoyed the greatAmerideserve to Dark Dark Age (get it?)I understand you'll miss out on the daysWhen I ran the USA (I'm broke)