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- But I so gain laughing, you know? And as soon as... And when I begin, it"s all up via the... That"s what happens to me.

- I love to laugh! Oh, my goodness! I can not aid it. You can check out that. I simply favor laughing, that"s all.

- Jane, don"t you dare! You"ll only make him worse.

- It"s really quite severe. Yes, whatever before you do, save a directly face.

- Last time it took us 3 days to get him down.

- I love to laugh loud and lengthy and clear.

- I love to laugh. It"s gaining worse every year.

- The more I laugh, the even more I fill via glee.

- You"re no aid at all.

- The even more the glee, the even more I"m a merrier me.

- It"s embarrassing.


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Actors: Julie Andrews (Mary Poppins), Prick Van Dyke (Bert), David Tomlinson (George Banks)

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