My change at work"s kinda lengthy, so I"ve acquired some time on my hands to, you know...whatever. Think, I guess.

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What does "I have obtained some time on my hands" expect in the above quote?



The question as composed is as broad: it have the right to generate as many kind of answers. Please try checking an excmuzic-ivan.infoent dictionary and then edit the question to ask specifically about what still confsupplies you.
It have to be clear from the over that feeling #1 usually explains an unsatisfactory state of affairs (you need somepoint to do), whereas #2 applies to a desirable state (you"re obtainable to do somepoint extra).

By extension from feeling #1 you"ll frequently come across variants of...

Time weighed on his hands (he was bored, having actually nopoint to do).


In this context, “I’ve commonly obtained some time on my hands” implies that the speaker typically has actually some additional time or idle time throughout his or her work-related shift. That is, the demands of work do not take up all the time accessible in the shift, so tbelow is time left over for reasoning or whatever.


To have "time on your hands" is an idiom that implies simply you have time in which to perform anything you favor.

Time, of course, cannot be held in the hands, so the word hands is a metaphor which suggests to have actually, or to possess. An equivalent expression would be

"I have plenty of cost-free time."

Anvarious other way of phrasing your sentence would be

"My task offers me plenty of totally free time in which to think."


"At my project I have plenty of time on my hands to think or carry out whatever before I favor."


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