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I'll make it up to youI'll make it approximately youI'll make it approximately youI wanna make it approximately you(Yes, I do)For all the points I put you through(Yes, I do)Please forprovide me for the lies(Tear-stained eyes)I sincedepend apologizeDarling, realizeIt's as well much to let go nowIf I wasn't certain, believe me, this I understand nowYou're the only oneCome ago, my morning sun(All I wanna do)I wanna make it as much as you, boyI wanna love you in the night, yeah(Do it right)Let's execute this point, girl, perform it right(Keep it tight)Let's put the pieces back in placePut 'em tright here, baby(No time to waste)No one will certainly ever before share your space
I've gained over you (Yes, yes)Everypoint around you currently (Yes, pretty baby)But still I reminisce (And I'm free)Yes, I really doubt you nowRestore my trust and also faithCome earlier, don't hesitate(All I wanna do)I wanna make it as much as you, girl, yeahYou understand if we could attempt, simply one more timeHey baby, I promise youThat my star will certainly shine, oh yeahAnd if you have to ever reach for the moonAnd fall among the starsJust let me be, wellWherever before you are, wherever before you areOh darling, ooh darlingOh darling, oh darlingSweet baby, sweet babyGotten over you, acquired over youAnd whatever about you now, whatever about you nowStill I reminisce, still I reminisceYes, yes, and also I really doubt you currently, really doubt you nowResave my trust and also belief, do it, execute it, do it, girlCome earlier, don't hesitate'Cause all I wanna perform, all I wanna doIs I wanna make it as much as you, boyI wanna make it up to you, boyYeah, I wanna make it approximately you, boyMmm, babyI wanna make it approximately you, boy

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(Make it as much as you, girl)Make it up, make it up, make it upYour huge brown sexy eyes, baby(I wanna make it approximately you, boy) (Make it up to your, girl)I'm so glad, so glad I realized(Hey, wanna make it up to you, girl)I love whatever around you, girlDo you really? Tell me about itYes, I doTell me nowAll night longYeah, yeah, yeahThose brvery own shoes are gonna rip and also fall apartPretty red dress, you say you need itI'll find a way somehowWell, wellI love, I love, I love, I love the method you handle yourselfAnd I love it as soon as you love me, girlIn a room complete of various other males, you increase and also you stand also over everybody elseI have the right to watch the envy of their eyesOh babyWhen you and I walk off, hey girlSweet thingSweet babySweet, sweet thingSweet thingAw, won't you carry out it aacquire nowOne even more, one more, one moreHey, one more timeOne more, one more, one moreMake it approximately me, babyDo the best I canMake it up to me, babyDo the best I canLove ya, love ya, love yaBe the kind of man(Make it approximately you, girl - make it up, make it up, make it up)