Mike and Matt, 20-year-old twin brothers from Arizona, want to look choose Brad Pitt and come to be famed actors someday. They think the just point holding them ago from huge careers in Hollywood are their ""unattractive"" encounters and also that if they look more choose Brad, they will lastly make it huge. Mike and also Matt are both acquiring rhinoplasty, chin implants, and porcelain veneers and Mike is likewise having cheek implants. Will their facial overhauls be sufficient to make them superstars via the woguys they lust after?

Mia, a 27-year-old Britney Spears impersonator from Orlanperform, Florida, already believes she naturally looks choose Britney, however just requirements brand-new breasts to complete her look. Mia had currently consulted with three various surgeons prior to the MTV camperiods started shooting. Mia wishes that with her breast implants she will certainly be able to quit her day project and also score big bucks as a celebrity impersonator.

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Jennette, a 21-year-old college student and plus-size version from Tallahassee, Florida, wants the body of Kate Winslet. A year after undergoing gastric by-pass surgical treatment, Jennette wants to have actually a body lift. Although she feels that she normally looks favor Kate Winslet, having a likewise voluptuous body might carry out her via more modeling gigs than she deserve to score currently.

Sha, a 19-year-old from Texas, longs to look even more prefer Pamela Anderson and also wishes to fill Pam's shoes as a Playmate and also actress. She decides to obtain breast implants, lip implants and also liposuction under her chin. With her new breasts, lips and chin Sha takes on her first test shoot for Playboy. Will she make the grade or will Playboy be disappointed with her brand-new look?

Jessica, a 23-year-old ""party girl"" from Chicback, wants to look like Jennifer Lopez and hopes to end up being a runmeans version. Cultivation up, Jessica had always felt prefer she was a man trapped in a female's body. After undergoing hormone treatment and also beginning the change to coming to be a female, she has actually currently legally readjusted her name and is ready to have actually cosmetic surgery to look even even more prefer a woman. Jessica is having actually breast implants, cheek implants, her eyebrow bone shaved, an eyebrow lift and also her hairline lowered. Will she lastly embody the J-Lo look she's longed for and will certainly she end up being a model with her brand-new feminized appearance?

Jesse, an Elvis impersonator from Las Vegas, has actually been in the impersonator game for eight years but feels favor the competition is coming to be significantly tough to beat. Jesse feels he can remain on optimal by looking also even more choose Elvis, so he decides to obtain a chin implant, lip injections, and a chemical face peel to execute the trick. Will his brand-new look make him a bigger star and land also him on the cover of Playgirl magazine?

What ever before occurred to Jenette, Jessica, Matt and also Mike from Seachild 1? Track in March 8 at 10:30 PM to view them and also others from Season 1 in the MTV News Special: They Wanted a Famous Face.

Brandi is a 21-year-old go-go dancer who really hopes to go after a career favor her idol's, Carmen Electra. Brandi knows that plastic surgery is the ""cutting edge"" she requirements to perfect her Carguys look and also is obtaining breastern implants, lip injections and also a nose task to make her look choose her favorite star. She wishes having Carmen's body and breasts will ""electrify"" her modeling career and assist her possibilities of posing for Maxim Magazine just choose Carguys. In enhancement, Brandi really hopes plastic surgery will lastly convince her ""guy friend"" to provide her the commitment she's been longing for, given that he is a ""boob man"" and a huge fan of Carmen's.

Jenee is a hair stylist from Long Island also who dreams of looking favor actress Tiffani-Amber Thiessen. Jenee believes posing for Playboy will certainly provide her career the jump begin it requirements. She is always mistaken for and also considers herself Tiffani's best fan. Jenee does whatever from researching Tiffani's make-up strategy to watching eexceptionally career relocate she provides. Jenee wishes getting breastern implants and also liposuction on her stomach, ago, butt and thighs will perfect her body. She thinks surgical procedure will certainly give her the confidence to expose her body at a photo shoot and to sfinish her pics into Playboy.

Jay is a 23-year-old Long Island student who, while not ""obsessed"" via Arnold Schwarzenegger, has actually always admired his perfect physique and also chest. Jay has actually modeled his diet, body structure and also way of living after Arnold's--yet his Gynecomastia holds him ago from achieving that perfect Arnold chest. He considers plastic surgical procedure his only hope of terminating his ""man-boobs"" and winning him the girl of his dreams.

Kelly is a really outgoing 26-year-old who is absolutely infatuated via Jennifer Aniston, whom everyone says she resembles. She buys apparel to match Jennifer's and owns all her movies. Kelly simply divorced her husband and also really wants to discover a brand-new guy and start fresh with a brand-new, ""hot"" body. She really hopes that having actually rhinoplasty, breastern lift and augmentation and extensive liposuction will assist her finally be comfortable in her very own skin. She dates generally, goes nation dancing through her girlfriends and also yearns for the confidence to wear string bikinis so she have the right to uncover her own Brad Pitt.

Crystal is a shy, single 24-year-old Britney Spears look-afavor that lives a normal life. She has actually a comfy office task yet privately desires a different life. Crystal thinks bigger breasts and also a nose task will certainly provide her the confidence she requirements to become a stripper. Not only that, playing up her similarities to Britney will permit her to impersonate the superstar when she ultimately hits the pole. Even if she doesn't go via via the stripping, she feels a makeover will certainly help her land a job with the Anaheim Angels Strike Force, a sexy dance team that entertains the crowd between innings.

Martin is an outgoing 18-year-old college freshman that wants to look choose Ricky Martin. He's hoping plastic surgery have the right to obtain his longtime dream woguy Marita to include some ""benefits"" to their platonic friendship.He thinks Ricky Martin's solid features are simply what he demands to get rid of Marita's absence of romantic interest and convince her to live ""la vida loca"" via him.

Nikicia is an aspiring singer/actress that hopes a Janet Jackson makeover will boost her look and marketcapability. She had liposuction nine months ago, however it only succeeded in taking off five pounds and also angering her husband also, who thought about the procedure a waste of money. Although she is starting a Web site promoting independent singers/actors, Nikicia still doesn't feel comfortable enough to post her own photos. She's hoping that surgical treatment to give her a body like Janet Jackson's will certainly give her the confidence she demands to make it significant.

Crystal is a 23-year-old Hawaiian Tropics Model who'd love to look choose her idol, Brooke Burke. Although she's completed in many kind of modeling and beauty pageants, Crystal is incredibly self-conscious around her body and also has actually always required to stuff her bra to feel confident. Crystal works nights as a ""beer tub"" girl and has been told she resembles Brooke Burke, who, choose Crystal, is a mix of different ethnicities. Crystal really hopes having actually surgical treatment to better this resemblance will certainly aid her be as effective as Brooke.

Jamie is a 19-year-old punk rocker who desires of resembling her childhood idol, Posh Spice. Jamie goes to college part-time, wright here she majors in Person Sexuality. She's hated her nose for a long time and also now it's time for a change. While a lot of girls her age save for a automobile or institution, Jamie has actually been placing money ameans for plastic surgical procedure. Her mother is afrhelp she'll come to be obsessed, but Jamie feels she's incredibly realistic around her expectations. All she wants is a nose like Posh Spice, who she's loved because her days as a young Spice Girls fan.

22-year-old Audrey really hopes plastic surgery will aid give her bodacious, Jessica Simpkid curves. Audrey presently does a small modeling, but feels her body has prevented her from getting the even more glamorous modeling work. She's likewise very jealous of her sister, a Hooters girl via breastern implants. A expensive fan of Newlyweds, she thinks plastic surgical procedure can help offer her Jessica Simpson's body and flawmuch less skin and also salvage her modeling career in the ""Nick"" of time. Also, a brand-new look would certainly assist her steal some attention from her sister and relocate on from her annoying Hell's Angel boyfrifinish.

Carmen Electra is likewise idolized by Vived, a 23-year-old dancer that designs clothes for Barbie dolls and for her very own clothes line. Carguys is her idol because of her success as a model, dancer and entrepreneur. Vived also wants her body to meacertain up to Carmen's, and thinks that breastern implants and liposuction will carry out the trick. Vived wishes that plastic surgical treatment will certainly permit her to model in ""Playboy,"" simply prefer Carmales. She additionally desires to feel sexy enough to design her own lingerie.

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Pamela Andersen's look is the one that Gia--a 26-year-old transex-related porn star turned director/producer of her very own adult films--is going for. Inspired by her frifinish Cindy, the ""Human Barbie,"" she's had actually over a dozen procedures and also is going under the knife aget to obtain a new collection of breast implants, lipo on her abdoguys and chin, another nose project, micrografts to her hairline and also fat moved to her smile lines. She loves Pamela Anderboy and also wishes plastic surgical treatment will perfect her Pam look so she can leave the ""adult industry"" behind to break into mainstream acting--simply like Pamela did with Baywatch.