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I"m a very simple manTrying to occupational out life"s happy planDoing unto others as I"d prefer to have actually them doing unto meWhen I find a really lonely soulSoon be-kinda-comes my just goalI feel so a lot better when I tell them my philosophyI want to be happyBut I will not be happyTill I make you happy also.Life"s really worth livingWhen we are mirth givingWhy can not I provide some to youWhen skies are gray and also you say you are blueI"ll send the sunlight smiling throughI want to be happyBut I won"t be happyTill I make you happy too.When skies are gray and also you say you are blueI"ll sfinish the sun smiling throughI desire to be happyBut I won"t be happyTill I make you happy too.
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