When someone states "it was excellent seeing you," civilization regularly respond, "it was excellent seeing you too." This have the right to be shortened to simply "you also," but the meaning is the same.

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The answer "you too" is a shortened create of "It was excellent seeing you too." The different you are saying isn"t grammatically correct. In another example: "I had an excellent time tonight" the response is "Me too", not "You too".


This is a rhetorical gadget well-known as ellipsis:

ellipsis |iˈlipsis| noun ( pl. ellipses |-sēz| ) the omission from speech or creating of a word or words that are superfluous or able to be interpreted from contextual clues.

Now, it may seem a tiny grand to speak to an abbreviated greeting a form of rhetoric, yet that"s what it is.


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