“I WILL NOT READVERTISEMENT THIS BOOK,” by Cece Meng, portrayed by Joy Ang, Clarion Books, Sept. 6, 2011, $16.99 (ages 4-8)

You can’t make me review this book! In this case me is a little boy that has a lot even more excsupplies to not check out a book before bedtime than anyone could perhaps need to review a book prior to bedtime.

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The boy hregarding floss his teeth, wash behind his ear, feed his fish, sip some water, scratch the guideline of his nose, clean under his bed… You understand what? He’s readjusted his mind. He’s not going to check out the book after all. Reading is difficult and he doesn’t check out quick and some of the words are unfamiliar.

The boy will not review this book even if you hang him upside down by one toe over a cliff while tickling his feet. Even if you include in a rainstorm and also lightning and sharks below, he won’t check out it. If a dragon comes and blows smoke in his eyeballs, he still won’t read it. No. Not. Ever.

However before, if you drop him, he can be encouraged to readjust his mind… but you’d better be ready to capture him.

“I Will Not Read This Book” is pitch perfect for anyone who has actually ever before faced a reluctant kid. Much of the reluctance originates from doing things on their very own, and also as we check out in this book, once someone the boy loves has actually someone to check out through him, the reluctance goes away.

Author Cece Meng’s message is perfect. And as the boy’s risks thrive stronger, the tone is simply appropriate. Illustrator Joy Ang’s imeras pair perfectly through Meng’s words, structure via each line and including humor throughout.

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