But it transforms out having actually a big penis comes with its fair share of difficulties, too. It deserve to be challenging to fit your erect penis entirely inside of a vagina. You additionally come to be recognized as the “massive dick man," your identity lessened to one component of your body.Tright here was Willie Jordan, flanked by a dozen friends and also a few curious strangers in the back edge of a dimly lit pub.

“Get it out, obtain it out!” the rowdy spectators screamed. “Not below, not tonight,” Jordan answered. He preferred this bar, and also he didn’t want to obtain banned for performing his party trick.

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Nonsense, they sassist, as they formed an ironclad circle about Jordan to defend him. He had uncovered himself in this case so many kind of times prior to, and also he knew as soon as it was time to admit defeat.

So Jordan took a breath, carefully unbuttoned his pants, and pulled out his penis.

The audience erupted, delighted to capture a front-row glimpse of the greatest penis in Newcastle. It was a legendary penis in the North East England also tvery own, and its owner had come to be a quasi-celebrity because of it.

In his 20s, Jordan ate up the attention, reflecting off his super-sized schlengthy to whoever wanted to see it—and as rumors spread, his crowds ballooned.

“I understand also human curiosity,” he claims. “If I had a frifinish that had actually 6 or seven fingers on each hand also, or 2 heads, I’d be curious to watch them, as well.”

But Jordan was currently pushing 40, and also the novelty of being a carnival attractivity had actually long worn off. Desperate to obtain on with the night, he instinctively swung his significant penis roughly choose a item of rope—the usual act—and stuffed it ago right into his briefs. The present was over.

Or so he assumed. One inebriated fan—the exact same man that had consistently asked Jordan to sleep with his girlfrifinish that evening—demanded an encore, asking the performer to “just let it hang.” Fine, Jordan assumed. Whatever will certainly shut him up.

But as shortly as he brought his prized possession back out, the groupie got it. “He literally tried to pull it off my body,” claims Jordan. “Maybe he was on drugs, trying to drag a man’s penis off prefer that.”

Jordan dropped down and spublished home. Within 10 minutes, his totality shaft—base to tip—was black and also bruised, as if it had actually been with battle.

Flabbergasted, Jordan flocked to Facebook to write-up about his crazy encounter. Ten thousand also miles across the Atlantic, his frifinish Jonah Falcon—himself the owner of an abcommonly huge penis, supposedly the greatest in the world—was the first to comment.

“You’re not trying to capture up to me, are you?”

This is just how it goes for men via really significant penises.

Sometimes you’re left scrambling for the bar departure after a drunken stranger has actually seized your dick, and various other times, you rupture a cyst on your girlfriend’s odiffer in the time of intercourse. That’s what happened to Todd—that requested anonymity for this story—ago in high school, the initially of many sex-related crashes caused by his big penis.

“She was doubled over in pain after we finiburned,” states Todd, 36. “Looking earlier, I don’t understand how we avoided the emergency room.”

The repercussions of packing a python aren’t always so severe, however they’re endless. “When I tell human being that, they kind of laugh,” Jordan states, “as if I don’t have actually a ideal to say it.”

You could roll your eyes, also, yet Jordan, Falcon, and also Todd carry out have actually “problematically large” penises, according to Brian Steixner, M.D., Medical Director of Urology at Barton Health. Per information in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, the average flaccid penis is somewright here between 3.5 to 4 inches, while the average erection falls in the 4.5- to 6.5-inch array.

“From what I can recognize, if your penis is larger than 8 inches in length when erect, it puts you in the height 2 percent of world in the human being,” Dr. Steixner says.

Todd actions 10 inches erect, Jordan one-ups him by about an inch, and Falcon boasts a whopping 13.5 inches at complete mast. The 44-year-old New Yorker doesn’t officially own the human being record, yet that’s because tright here isn’t one.

Falcon’s substantial penis has been recorded on HBO, in Rolling Stone, and on The Howard Stern Show, and also he has actually pledged to donate his massive member to the Icelandic Phallological Museum as soon as he dies.

Being renowned for having actually a huge penis sounds pretty great, and also to be fair, all of the men we interviewed for this story have actually offered their great fortune to their sexual advantage. Falcon, for instance, ended up being a fixture in the horny NYC underground club scene thanks to his hog.

“If a guy can have actually sex through nearly anyone he wanted to,” Falcon states, “he a lot of definitely would. In my 20s, I was like a son in a candy store.”




But inevitably, the burdens begin to overshadow the blessing.

“When males tell me they wish they had actually my penis, they look as much as me from a sexual, alpha-male allude of see,” states Jordan. “But what percentage of your life carry out you spfinish actually utilizing your penis for sex? Compare that number to just how much you need to bring the burdens of it approximately, and also the sex-related proportion is rather the minority.”

Take something as straightforward as riding a bike. “It’s a nightmare,” Jordan states. “Wbelow execute I put my penis once I’m on a bike seat? I need to store my legs closed, yet they’re constantly rubbing. I finish up just sitting on the thing. If I desire to go for a nice ride in the nation, the pain distracts from the euphoria of the journey itself.”

Using the restroom is an equally dicey proplace. “In a public urinal, if I’m not careful, my penis will certainly hang down and also touch the edge of the urinal—or the water,” Todd states. “Unfortunately, I’m a germaphobe.” (To avoid the exact same problem, Falcon has resigned to a life of peeing sitting down.)

Then there’s the condom conundrum. “I use the largest size possible—approximately 7.5 inches—and it just covers fifty percent my cock,” says Falcon.


When you constantly need to store one hand on your rubber to make certain it doesn’t slip off in the time of sex, as Todd does, it sucks some fun out of the procedure. “Even then, most times the condoms finish up either breaking or slipping inside of her when it’s all shelp and done,” he states.

As for various other roadblocks in the bedroom, dental sex is regularly a nuisance. “My penis is thicker than my wrist, so girls need to readjust to the girth,” Falcon says. “But I’ve met very few world that deserve to handle the width—and also as an outcome, there’s many teeth scraping. So I don’t really acquire off on getting sucked.”

Sometimes the trickiest part of sex is addressing the elephant in the room.

“Telling a woguy about your penis dimension is just awkward in itself,” says Jordan. “A girl doesn’t desire to feel favor she hregarding have actually sex any kind of differently via you. She wants to go with the flow, and not need to soptimal and also slow things down if she’s in pain.”

For Jordan, the danger of these clumsy conversations looms hefty in his head. “It’s a shame when you’ve obtained a really intimate psychological connection through someone and also you feel favor, ‘Do I desire to tell this person, or just let it happen? It’s gotten to the suggest currently wright here I protect against it.”

Recently, Jordan has instituted a 3-month, no-sex ascendancy. “I’ll tell girls that I desire to wait fairly a couple of months prior to we perform it.” His mission: to weed out the women who are interested in him mostly for his penis.

“I feel prefer I’ve been provided for my penis in the previous,” he states, “and now I just want to find my spirit mate. I desire a chick who wants to be through me for the ideal factors.”


While Jordan is in search of love, the freshly unemployed Falcon is searching for work—but his manhood is obtaining in the way.

Falcon is a budding actor that wades through desk jobs to pay the bills. He isn’t optimistic about his present search.

“Notoriety has robbed me of work,” he states. “When employers carry out a background check on me, they watch that I’m well known for having actually a substantial penis—and also for whatever factor, that indicates I can’t do the job.”

Such discrimicountry shouldn’t occur, states Falcon, but it does. “I don’t gain hired for one of 2 reasons: Either world are going to uncover out about my penis and hound me at job-related, or I’m going to walk roughly wearing bike shorts and also hit on all the women tright here. But no one ever tells me that stuff when they don’t hire me, because then I might sue them.”

You’re more than likely reasoning that an actor via a boner the dimension of a wine bottle could easily make a killing doing porn. Falcon has certainly been approached by producers, but he has rebuffed their supplies every time.

“I’m an actor, and I want to do genuine stuff,” he insists. “If I perform porn, that’s the end. I’ll never obtain an additional task besides porn. And men are just dildos as much as porn service providers are came to. How many type of well-off male porn stars execute you know aside from Ron Jeremy?”

Falcon’s task stress and anxiety comes with side effects. “I’m always searching for secure occupational, so I don’t have actually the power to discover someone to be via,” he says.

“And when you’re constantly involved around finding money and also not being homemuch less, that has a tendency to make you stressed out all the moment. I’m not able to gain it up for anybody.”

Many type of of Falcon’s life troubles seem to map ago to those 13.5 inches. Which inevitably begs the question: Does he wish he was smaller?

“No,” he answers emphatically. “Would things be various if I had a 4-inch cock? I think so. I’d probably get even more work-related, and I think I would’ve completed a lot more with my life. But I don’t prefer to be anypoint other than me.”


Todd, despite a lengthy sexual history of “inserting my penis and also feeling prefer I just eliminated somebody,” wouldn’t shrink dvery own either.

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“When I’m with a girl and pull down my pants, and also then I watch the look on her confront, it’s a vast confidence builder in every regard,” states Todd.

And what around Jordan, the bad victim of an unfortunate sneak penis attack?

“If I had a graph that proved just how many type of world on Planet would certainly provide anypoint to have my penis, for that reason alone, I must appreciate everything I have actually,” he states.

Call it pecker perspective. “It comes earlier to huguy nature. We have actually this excellent capability to adapt to our surroundings. Riding a bike is uncomfortable as hell, but I discovered the method to ride in different ways than anybody else. I’ve adapted.”