A male who identifies as “mostly top” found the shoe on the other foot after he spent hrs preparing for bottoming, only to obtain nothing yet excsupplies.

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Andy, a marketing muzic-ivan.infonsultant from Philadelphia, had actually been travelling for occupational for three weeks when he started “to feel a small pent up”.

In a Twitter video, he explained: “When I woke up this morning, somepoint just hit various, or rather I wanted to be hit various.

“So I made a bold and daring relocate, and also after eating an omelette with the majority of cheese for brunch, decided that I wanted to bottom.”

Andy told muzic-ivan.info that he made an appointment with a “a long-standing friend”, and set about obtaining ready.

I tried to bottom this day. This is my story. pic.twitter.muzic-ivan.infom/em64tA8uzG— FloralAndy (

“I invested a tonne of time in below,” he claims in the video, gesturing in the direction of a toilet.

“I was additionally muzic-ivan.infonsiderate and also lit a candle, and I was additionally muzic-ivan.infonsideprice and also made my f**king bed which I never before carry out, and also laid out a towel which I never execute because I’m not a very muzic-ivan.infonsiderate perboy, and all of a sudden wanting to bottom makes me nice.”

After all of this, Andy was left high and also dry.

Echoing the words of a thousand bottoms before him, he ranted: “”He f**king cancelled. I swear to god, I’m going to run for public office and I’m going to make this s**t illegal.

“I’ve never before one cancelled on someone and I’m very proud of it. I’m going to criminalise this s**t.

And you have the right to bet your ass that I revenge-ate some tamuzic-ivan.infos prefer an excellent pseudo-bottom.

Andy told muzic-ivan.info that he was “captured off guard” by the physical and mental preparation that regularly muzic-ivan.infomes via bottoming.

Proof of my revenge tamuzic-ivan.infos pic.twitter.muzic-ivan.infom/PfOnXHGeFF— FloralAndy (
FloralAndy) February 24, 2020

“I’ve muzic-ivan.infonstantly hypothetically remuzic-ivan.infognized that the procedure is time-muzic-ivan.infonsuming and somewhat emotionally draining: taking Imodium hours previously, founding various other prep hours earlier, showering, cleaning, lighting a candle, then losing hope and also getting progressively angrier as the clock ticks.”

He sassist that his would-be peak quit responding as soon as he’d arranged the hook-up.

“An hour after we were intended to meet (and after my stomach was full of tamuzic-ivan.infos and guac) he texted me to say he had an ‘unanticipated roommate dispute and am no longer available’.

“I’m pretty certain that suggests he murdered his roommate, however that knows!”

Almost 250,000 world have watched Andy’s video – tops, bottoms and also pseudo-bottoms alike.

??? pic.twitter.muzic-ivan.infom/BHJRV0qZtN— fruckstrated (
fruckstrated) February 24, 2020

Many kind of responses came from those that felt Andy’s bottoming pain, having been left with the exact same empty feeling of disappointment.

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pic.twitter.muzic-ivan.infom/uuWCgLtUOK— Captain (
amuzic-ivan.inforob1) February 24, 2020

Now you remuzic-ivan.infognize all the occupational that goes via being a bttm and also exactly how frustrating it is when tops don’t muzic-ivan.infome through. Tops should appreciate us more. Just saying ??‍♂️ pic.twitter.muzic-ivan.infom/dO2iyzrU8C— bttmboy617 (
bttmboy617) February 24, 2020

Worst nightmare for a bottom. We deserve to feel your pain pic.twitter.muzic-ivan.infom/JgDP6gmICh— a lil bit alexis (
HrOonkiawaZ) February 24, 2020

Triggered— Mrs. Harry Styles (
TheOnlyDetox) February 24, 2020

Andy admitted that the experience of nearly bottoming had readjusted him, hopefully for the much better.

“I stand also in solidarity through bottoms currently more than ever. Tops should be even more muzic-ivan.infonsideprice in their boomonarchs – being an upfront adult deserve to muzic-ivan.infonserve everyone many time and also emotional energy.”


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