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Lally execute dum lally do dum day...

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So I have actually something to present all y’all. It’s super pretty, and also it’s super amazing, and it’s my extremely very own book cover for my incredibly very own book! Thatcompletely has a release day and also everything!

That’s ideal, A Ragged Magic is coming out on November 18th, 2014, and will have the following beautamous cover, by the talented and also wonderful Angie Abler, that did such a fantastic task.


Isn’t it simply gorgeous? I love it so much. I can’t wait to see it in person, and also organize an genuine, honest-to-goodness book that I created. I’m entirely an author, guys! I have a book cover, and also whatever. I’m so happy around it, I deserve to barely stand it.

Many other things in my life are stressful at the minute, although they’re calming down little bit by little. But the cover – I did not problem around the cover looking wonderful. I kbrand-new it remained in great hands. Angie is just one of the more talented civilization I understand.

In the interemainder of complete disclosure, I’ve well-known Angie given that I was 5 and she was 6, and 1st grade was 4 weeks from founding. She’d simply relocated right into the house one over from mine, and also she came over to ask if there were any youngsters that wanted to come and play. I don’t remember that part. I remember playing pretfinish via our Barbies out in the cul-de-sac, which we called The Circle. She was so simple to play via, and we had actually so much fun, and she had actually some of the finest ideas ever. It was epic story time through our dolls and I couldn’t believe there was someone else who wanted the very same kind of fancy, crazy-fun ago stories I did. (At 5, the ago stories might have actually been a tiny much less fleshed out than I attempt for currently. But they had actually the majority of flying in them.) I remember once she moved into 1st grade (she didn’t begin the year in our school) I was so proud to have the ability to say I currently knew her. We have been playing pretfinish ever before considering that. She is the bestest frifinish, and also bestest pretend partner ever. And currently she’s made me this excellent cover, and also I’m so happy.

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(Her experienced accolades are excellent, as well – yet I’m doing this late and without asking, so I hate to connect to her information without checking. But I will ask, and connect if I get the OK. She’s a super graphic designer and artist, yet considering that I’ve recognized her for almost 40 years (oh, ow, that hurts) I acquire to list her qualities as finest frifinish initially.)

It’s my birthday following Monday. Happy birthday to me. And happy book cover! I perform not have to yell fire as soon as I autumn into the cacao, so that someone will certainly conserve me. (Although I contend that yelling “chocolate” will acquire someone to at leastern investigate.) I have the right to simply yell “Publication Cover” so you will certainly take a ganderand obtain excited around my book.