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Heather from Patchogue, NyThe title of this song a lot of likely does not expect anypoint. Taking Back Sunday gets the majority of of their song titles at random. Adam has sassist that he has flipped through TV Guide or flipped networks for song titles. They either provided the name of the show or provided the episode title. Now that being sassist, I bet all you TBS fans had actually an "oh yeah!!" Moment. Thank you, - Heather, New YorkMaxx from Fort Atkinchild, WiMy favorite component of this song. "The reality is you could slit my throat an via my one last gasping breath I"d apolagize for bleeding on your shirt". I love it.. Just cuz its soo true ^-^Adam from Band, Orlmao i can"t think i actaully just realized this is a perfect song XDDani from Chicago, Ilthis is about wanting to hate someone so badly yet you simply can not. "perhaps i should hate you for this, never really did eincredibly quite get that much."Charlene from Maryville, Tni think this song is about a girl telling a guy that he isnt all that. she fell for him in the beginning, but then she found out that he was like everyone else (boys prefer you are a dime a dozen) she tells him not to let the fact that she liked him go to his head.... it doesnt intend anypoint anyeven more... she has actually begged and also pleaded via him to readjust, yet he will not so she has provided up (these grass stains on my knees wont expect a thing) she desires him to miss out on her, but she cant remain mad at him long sufficient for that to occur. she states that he could basically kill her and she would certainly say its my fault... i am sorry ( you might slit my throat, and via my one last gasping breath id apologize for bleeding on your shirt)Renee from Port Ovariety, FlThe line "These grass stains on my knees, they do not mean a point," don"t mean that the girl cheated yet it meant nothing to her. It indicates that she is on her knees, begging, and he does not treatment. He"s a lush - a drunk. And he isn"t going to listen to her prental fees.Cecily from Redding, CaThe title "You"re so last Summer" indicates just that. It"s the person trying to convince themself that the various other doesn"t intend anything to them.Bob from Milford, CtI think this song is about a male and girl that split up. It doesn"t phase the girl at all however the boy is really upset. "You could slit my throat" implies that he loves her so a lot that he wouldn"t treatment what she did because he thinks it would be what she would want.check out even more comments
Head Over HeelsThe Go-Go"s

"Head Over Heels" by The Go-Go"s is an allegory for how points were getting out of regulate for the band; they broke up a year later.

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What Do You Mean?Justin Bieber

After 47 visits to the Hot 100, Justin Bieber topped the tally for the first time on September 17, 2015 via "What Do You Mean?"

Cathy"s ClownThe Everly Brothers

The first single to simultaneously peak the UK and also US charts was The Everly Brothers" "Cathy"s Clown" in May 1960.

Try AgainAaliyah

Until December 5, 1998, a song had actually to be issued as a solitary to make the Hot 100. Aaliyah"s "Try Again" was the initially tune to optimal the chart based on airplay alone, without any type of sales figures being consisted of.

CompassionLucinda Williams

Lucinda Williams" track "Compassion" is based upon a poem by her father, lauded Arkansas poet Miller Williams.

Uncle John"s BandGrateful Dead

"Uncle John"s Band" by the Grateful Dead was the initially time the phrase "God Damn" showed up in a commercially-released song.

Max Cavalera of Soulfly (ex-Sepultura)Songwriter Interviews

The Brazilian rocker sees pictures in his riffs. When he came up through among his gnarliest songs, there was a riot going on.

Jon Foremale of SwitchfootSongwriter Interviews

Switchfoot"s frontman and also primary songwriter on what inspires the songs and exactly how he got the flexibility to say exactly what he implies.

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Mark Arm of MudhoneySongwriter Interviews

When he was asked to write a song for the Singles soundtrack, Mark believed the Seattle grunge scene was currently overblvery own, so that"s what he composed about.

Francis Rossi of Status QuoSongwriter Interviews

Doubt resulted in drive for Francis, who still isn"t certain why one of Status Quo"s greatest hits is so beloved.

Barry Dean ("Pontoon," "Diamond Rings And Old Barstools")Songwriter Interviews

A optimal nation songwriter, Barry talks about creating hits for Little Big Tvery own, Tim McGraw and Jachild Aldean.