I wish I can say that I think in Jesus Christ, that He loves me and cares, but I no much longer believe that.

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From a mommy that is vicious and also has actually wrecked my adoptive family members to the fatality of my adoptive brother, I no much longer believe.

I even uncover myself wondering if God really exists. I look around at all the Christians who say that they aid people who do not recognize exactly how to ask for it, but they have actually not also noticed my pain.

If God loved or cared for me, He"d at least aid, wouldn"t He? But no aid has come! Why? God does not love me!



Oh, Anna, your letter is so painful! I can not totally understand—and no one really can—exactly how deeply you hurt.

You"re captured up in 3 devastating feelings: hurt, abandonment, and doubt.

It can not be straightforward to have actually a “vicious mother” or to go through all the devastation and pain that comes through losing someone you love.

And there"s one point very specific around what"s happening in your life appropriate currently. It will adjust you. For better or for worse, it will adjust you. During difficult times, you either get stronger in your relationship via Christ or you acquire weaker. You never stay the same.

But in the middle of such agony and also pain, it"s hard to watch points plainly. It may also be hard to check out God"s love. I think around Job, a man in the Old Testimony who went with challenging times. He shed his entirety household, practically everything he owned, and also went through sickness. He felt favor you do currently, Anna.

Look at what Job said throughout his difficult times:

If I go to the eastern, God is not there; if I go to the west, I do not see Him. When He is at occupational in the north, I capture no sight of Him; as soon as He transforms to the south, I cannot check out Him (Job 23:8-9).

And I want you to understand also, Anna, exactly what Job later on understood: That no matter what you feel or what happens, God does exist and He deeply loves you. No issue how awful points come to be, no matter what happens, we have the right to never be separated from God"s love.


Scene from God"s Story

But you are best, Anna. Christians will let us down even at some of the most critical and also tough times. Jesus learned this the difficult means. When He was arrested—for no crime at all—and was around to be eliminated on a cross, all His disciples, His closest friends, ran amethod. They left Him at His darkest hour.

When Christians fail you, though, that doesn"t expect that God forgets you. He doesn"t. He has a arrangement for you, Anna. So even in the middle of all your heartbreak, tell God. “I"m going to organize on and also wait for You to present me Your kindness and also Your love, no issue what happens.”

I desire you to be able to say what the Psalmist shelp in Psalm 27:14,

Wait for the Lord"s assist. Be strong and brave, and wait for the Lord"s assist.

If you carry out that, Anna, I recognize what will happen. You will certainly come out of all the pain and be a much stronger perchild. You will certainly say what Job said:

But God knows the means that I take, and when He tested me. I will come out prefer gold (Job 23:10).

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So hang on, Anna, I know you deserve to make it.

Author: Dawson McAllister of Dawchild McAllister Live!

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