I initially heard this in "Don King"s Prizefighter for Wii", where he claims, if I"m transcribing correctly:

If I have the right to execute it, you can execute it!

The heart would certainly say, in America anybody can do it!

Trying to Google this initially sentence I"m getting so many hits that I"ve no idea wbelow to start looking.

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My native language is Germale, and the equivalent translation of this sentence is hardly ever used in Germale. And as soon as I find it used in Germale, it might well have been translated from muzic-ivan.info.

So I"m curious whether it might come from a solitary source?

etymology expressions
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It"s such a widespread and easy expression in muzic-ivan.info, specifically in persuasive speech, that it"s tough to believe it came from a solitary source; even more most likely, it had multiple independent coinings. It simply describes the ease of an action or procedure, and also implies a small self-deprecation on the part of the speaker; if the speaker, implied to be a common, unextrordinary person, deserve to accomplish this point (usually financial success), then anyone can.

I would associate it through the egalitarian ideals of the UNITED STATE, wright here everyone is assumed to have actually the natural capability to seek and achieve "the Amerihave the right to dream", but that may be just personal prejudice.

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answered Jul 1 "11 at 16:19

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Digging through the Google News archives I found some variations of this sentence, the earliest one inan write-up called "Babe Ruth"s own book of baseball", Providence News, January 29, 1929:

(..) I was broken in health and wellness three years ago (..) and also many of the doubters predicted that I would never play baseround again.

But I did. (..) Indeed if I can carry out it, so deserve to anyone else.

But only in the 1970s/1980s this precise sentence shows up to become famous, and also below is my ideal guess wright here the quotation in this certain conmessage might come from.

An interview via Muhammad Ali, publiburned in the Reading Eagle, Sunday, March 9, 1980:

Ali"s Back

All of you have actually a John Tate in your life, all of you have actually a Larry Holmes in your life.

So whip your Larry Holmes with me, whip your John Tate via me. We can not lose! I"m fighting on heart!

If I have the right to perform it you deserve to perform it! What I"m doing is a lesboy to the world! (..) Join me today!

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answered Jul 2 "11 at 13:54

Nicolas KaiserNicolas Kaiser
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