Episode 8 of OWN’s series, If Loving You Is Wrong was a action up from the last two episodes we’ve had! We capture up via our resident crazies, while we witness an additional heartbreak, and also a household meeting prefer none before! Will points gain better or a lot,much worse? Guess we’ll uncover out!

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The If Loving You Is Wrong episode starts off through Julius, who was attempting to kill his dad. He believed he had him as soon as he observed the flatline and also ran out once stuff beginning sounding off, yet the nurses were able to come in and also revive him. The lame guard that was expected to be guarding the room failed the negative man!

Then we watch Lushion, that has actually came down on the hospital to see Pete, as soon as he sees Ben who’s shaking and also shivering choose he’s having actually withdrawls. When Lushion gets in, he promises Pete that he’s going to make certain to take treatment of all this for him and the other rookies that were eliminated. Then Lushion calls Natalie to ask her around the disk – “I don’t wanna wake the youngsters up.” Really, Natalie?! Y’all had actually this conversation last episode! She asks them if they’ve seen the disk, but they say they didn’t.

Next up on If Loving You Is Wrong is Brad and Marcie. She told Brad aget that there’s a possibility for him and Alex. He disagreed, but she kept informing him. Then she was prefer, “You miss out on her, and also you should go back. But you still must help me via this rent.” LOL.

Meanwhile, Miss Louise went walking up the sidewalk to Kelly and also asks her to aid her help Alex. Kelly is favor, “Nah. You’re son’s crazy and I don’t want any part of it.” But Miss Louise is favor, “I think I can help her.” So Kelly goes in and also talks to Alex about it. After a few minutes, Miss Louise comes over. Miss Lousie tells her right up – her kid is crazy and also now, unpredictable. He deserve to gain so enraged that he can’t hear what she’s saying, and also she has to wait until he calms down to get with to him. She asks Alex if the baby is Randal’s and also she denies it – Miss Louise claims, “If you’ll simply let him view the baby, I think that’ll calm him dvery own enough to hear me.” Miss Louise asks to watch the baby – “OMG. That’s my grandbaby. If you continue to save that baby away from him, he’s gonna go also harder.”

You’ve been warned!

Kelly motivated her to attempt to occupational with him without involving the court so he won’t acquire worse. Alex said, “If Randal wants to play games, I’m going to play the last card I have.” What card?

Oh yeah – the baby’s name is Brad! Bmuch less it, Jesus……

Then Kelly goes to Ramsey’s residence. She tells him that she’s on her lunch break and has actually about an hour – she have the right to aid him fill up. That’s when some girl comes out the earlier in a workout outfit on – Kelly’s mouth drops and also she leaves. Kelly runs off and goes back to her desk to cry. Ramsey tries to call her, however she ignores him. Then Alex calls her and tells her that she text Randal and told him to come over. By the moment she was off the phone, Randal was already the door. He comes in telling her exactly how beautiful she looks and also whatnot, and also Alex is like, “There’s your baby over there.” Randal began doing a weird, crazy cry, talking about, “This is my tradition – we made this beautiful baby. It wasn’t magic; it was conceived in beauty.” Alex sassist, “Naw, playa – this baby was made from lies and also deceit.” She told him that they have the right to number out how to co-parent as he gets older. Randal is like, “What? No. Not gonna miss out on all the landmarks.” Then when she told him the baby’s name was Brad? Randal told her to change it to Randal Jr.! He then tells her that she doesn’t have enough money to fight him, so she could also give up now – “Just provide me custody. He’ll be appropriate next keep.” Lawd.

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Then Alex starts telling Randal a story about some hikers and also a mama bear. Then she claims, “I’m sorry for what’s around to happen to you.” Then Brad walks in and also the episode ends!

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