The 5 grammatical attributes of a noun

A noun have the right to be defined as a word that is supplied to name a perchild, location, pet, or point. It deserve to likewise name a state, an task, an activity, or a high quality.

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What is the grammatical feature of a noun?

The work-related that a noun perdevelops in a sentence is described as its grammatical function. In this post, we are going to take a thorough look at the five grammatical attributes of nouns.

A noun deserve to perdevelop any type of of the following 5 functions:

Subject of a verbObject of a verbComplement of a verbObject of a prepositionBe in applace to one more noun

Let us currently take a look at the attributes above one by one.

Noun functioning as the subject of a verb

A noun will certainly feature as the topic of a verb as soon as it is the topic of the sentence and also comes before the major verb of the sentence. More often than not, the noun will start the sentence.

Example: Stacy eliminated a snake last night. (Here, the noun “Stacy” is functioning as the topic of the verb “eliminated.”)

Other examples are as follow:

John teaches English in China.Children can be very naughty occasionally.Obama was voted President.The politician is a liar.

All of the highlighted nouns in the sentences above are functioning as topics to their corresponding verbs. They function as subjects of verbs sindicate because they come prior to the major verbs in the sentences and are also the subjects in their particular sentences.

Noun functioning as a things of a verb

A noun features as an item of a verb as soon as it comes after an activity verb and also receives the activity of the verb. A noun functioning as an item of a verb in a sentence will always be the recipient of an activity.

Example: Tom slapped Jerry. (Here, since the noun “Jerry” is coming after the activity verb “slapped” and receiving the action of the verb, we say it is the object of the verb “slapped.”)

More examples:

I kicked the ball.I hate Janet.The teacher punished the students.I composed the letter.I know London because I have actually been tright here numerous times.Roberta cooked the food.

All of the highlighted words in the sentences over are nouns functioning as objects of verbs. They are functioning as objects of their corresponding verbs ssuggest because they are the recipients of the actions of their verbs.

Noun functioning as the enhance of a verb

A noun will certainly feature as the complement of a verb when it comes after a linking verb or a state-of-being verb and receives no action from the verb. Some examples of linking verbs in the English language include the following: is, are, am, be, are, was, were, been, being, seem, taste, appoint, end up being, feel, smell, sound, appear, and so on.

Example: John is a liar. (Here, the noun “liar” is functioning as the complement of the verb “is.”)

Other examples of nouns functioning as complements of verbs:

The male is a trader.I was a teacher while living in China.John is the winner.Our friends from Pakistan were the losers.I think it is an animal.Phil Collins is a legendary musician.

All highlighted nouns in the sentences over are functioning as complements of their corresponding linking verbs.

Noun functioning as the object of a preposition

When a noun features as the object of a preposition, it comes after a preposition in a sentence. By meaning, any kind of noun that comes automatically after a preposition is the object of that preposition. For example “John” is the object of the preposition “to” in this sentence: I offered the book to John.

We have the right to therefore say that the noun “John” is functioning as the object of the preposition “to.”

Now that we have actually a great expertise regarding what a noun functioning as the object of a preposition looks favor, let us take a look at some more examples below.

I interceded for the boy.I will buy books for the children now when I visit the bookstore.I have to provide it to the teacher.Let us go with John.I trust in God.It is not mine; it is for the landlord.

From the examples over, you can view that each of the nouns highlighted come after prepositions thereby making them objects of their particular prepositions.

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Noun being in applace to an additional noun

This is the last however not leastern grammatical function of a noun. A noun can be in applace to another noun. By meaning, the word “apposition” indicates putting a noun next to another noun to explain it. So each time you check out a noun put next to one more noun and that noun is explaining the various other noun, then you have actually a great example of a noun being in apposition to anther noun.

For example: The footballer, Suarez has actually been suspended. (Here, you alert that 2 nouns have actually been put alongside each other, namely “footballer” and also “Suarez”. Now, you alert that the noun “Suarez” have the right to be offered to relocation “footballer” and it likewise provides some indevelopment around the various other noun "footballer". So we have the right to say the noun "Suarez" is in applace to the noun "footballer")