Yu-Gi-Oh! 10 Tristan Memes That Are Too Good Tristan Taylor is a side-character on Yu-Gi-Oh! but he"s Yugi"s great frifinish and also ally. Here are some hilarious memes he has motivated over time.

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yu gi oh tristan memes
Tristan Taylor is among Yugi’s closest friends in Yu-Gi-Oh! He’s finest recognized for being Joey Wheeler’s ideal friend, but, and the two personalities are most regularly watched together, obtaining into mischief and also regularly acting as comic relief personalities.

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There are points around Tristan that haven’t aged well in the series, specifically his voice in the English dub of the series, which comes throughout as weird and goofy, and which has been made fun of a lot over the years. But he’s a great and memorable character that is well-liked in the fandom, something well stood for by the reality that tbelow are so many type of hilarious memes about him.

yu gi oh tristan meme barney the dinosaur
As discussed previously, Tristan has actually an very weird voice in the English dub of the series, and also it does sound fairly a little prefer that of Barney the Dinosaur from the 90s kids’ series Barney & Friends, which is hosted by a large purple dinosaur via a somewhat silly, nasally voice, in which he sings and also teaches kids life lessons.

The extremely famous Yu-Gi-Oh! The Alinked Series, a comedy series that retells the story of Yu-Gi-Oh! in a shortened format, provides fun of this voice option for Tristan by making him sound overtly prefer Barney.

yu gi oh tristan meme original voice card
As is a pretty continual template amongst Tristan Taylor memes, there"s no accountancy for simply just how weird Tristan"s voice is. So of course, that suggests tright here are so many kind of memes around it. In this instance, the meme creator has actually made a joke card that one can use to play Duel Monsters.

But instead of a certain assault ability, this one has directions to use Tristan"s weird voice to capture one"s foe off guard bereason of its hilarity and also, while they"re distracted, attacking them straight to win the duel.

yu gi oh tristan meme evil tristan snot him
In another meme that references both the original series and Yu-Gi-Oh! The Aconnected Series, Tristan is presented as “Evil Tristan” right here, somepoint that doesn’t take place in the original series but does in Alinked.

Yami arrives to declare that it’s not him, but it sounds like, “Snot him!” a recommendation to a now-inwell known minute in Yu-Gi-Oh! when he insists that a ghost variation of Kaiba isn’t actually Kaiba at all, yet in an inarticulate method that makes “It’s not” sound favor “Snot.”

7 Yaoi

yu gi oh tristan meme tristan and also duke resting in a bed yaoi when you least suppose it
Duke and also Tristan are the incredibly meanings of fradversaries, as the two are often on the exact same side and also functioning together but additionally spfinish a lot of time suggesting and also teasing each other. It doesn’t aid that they both seem to have actually a crush on the exact same girl, Joey’s sister Serenity.

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But their relationship absolutely renders shippers wonder if perhaps the two of them have to be a pair, and episodes in which they sleep in the very same bed definitely just fan the flames.

In the last excellent battle in Yu-Gi-Oh!, every one of Yami Yugi’s friends end up having actually their souls trapped inside of Duel Monsters cards, meaning that they’re actually playable in the game.

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Yugi ends up summoning Tristan as a card referred to as Cyber Commander, in which he is dressed like a military commander and wears a gas mask over his confront. This of course makes him look a lot choose Bane from The Dark Knight Rises, and also it’s difficult to not recommendation that as a meme.

5 When All Else Fails

Tristan is the one character in Yugi’s team of friends that doesn’t really play Duel Monsters, so he’s not all that advantageous in most dueling cases once his friends are in danger.

Still, he tries to be supportive and also to help wbelow he can, also if it’s just giving some comic relief. Fans deserve to certainly imagine him jumping in just to be annoying and immature bereason he thinks that’s just how he have the right to assist in any kind of provided instance.

Joke cards featuring some of the funny or weird character traits of the major characters are pretty prevalent in Yu-Gi-Oh! and Tristan is certainly no exception to this dominion.

This card has a really easy, one-sentence explanation that seems to sum up Tristan pretty well, particularly through regard to the facets of his personality that make civilization love and also also mock him. For example, the card defines him as an “odd voiced warrior” and also likewise comments that he doesn’t really carry out anything to aid, which is regularly true.

3 The Sun Will Rise

At one allude in the series, Téa and Tristan have snuck onto a ship to do some snooping at night, and also they need to remain covert while they execute. However, Téa is so cold, she can’t stay still, and also Tristan comforts her that the sunlight will certainly come up in a few hrs, which makes her mad.

While the interaction isn’t that stvariety, it’s absolutely spawned the majority of memes, choose this one in which Tristan shows up on a motivational poster proclaiming that the sun will climb.

Tristan seems to be the character that a lot of regularly ends up holding a physical weapon in the series, which provides feeling because he doesn’t really play Duel Monsters all that much. Here, he’s wielding an ax, as if he’s simply about to go right into battle. The joke below is a play on the men’s body spray referred to as Axe.

The body spray of course claims that if a man wears it, women will autumn almost everywhere him. It’s funny to think around applying that idea to an actual ax.

1 His Voice Gives Him Super Strength!

Not unlike the Barney the Dinosaur meme, this meme is also straight making fun of the reality that the English voice for Tristan is exceptionally funny and also weird.

In The Abridged Series, the joke is that Tristan’s voice is so weird because it has actually magic powers. For instance, eincredibly time he talks, he gets super strength. Tristan also clintends that his voice knows kung fu, however that’s never actually viewed in the comedy series.

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