Hello,I rather prefer this primitive Roman saying "In matters of taste, there can be no disputes" (De gustibus non est disputandum). From Wikipedia:
The implication is that everyone"s personal choices are just subjective opinions that cannot be "right" or "wrong," so they have to never be suggested about as if they were.

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I usage it quite frequently to shut dvery own unvital conversations that lead nowhere, and it appears pretty reliable too, civilization seem to instantly understand also what it implies and also are satisfied to change the topic. Does anyone know of anypoint equivalent that have the right to be found in the suttas? I mean the Buddha"s take on this topic to be more profound and also it would certainly lug more weight for me than an anonymous Romale saying.

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Postby Bhikkhu Pesala » Sun Oct 26, 2014 10:44 am

There"s more than likely something similar in the Suttas.Mahāgandhayon Sayādaw expresses it like this:Measuring Things 99. Everybody measures things through the yardstick of his very own views.
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AN 6.63 (Thanissaro) wrote:The passion for his resolves is a man"s sensuality,not the beautiful sensual pleasures uncovered in the people.The passion for his resolves is a man"s sensuality.The beauties remain as they are in the world,while the wise, in this regard, subdue their desire.
AN 6.63 (Bodhi) wrote:They are not sensual pleasures, the pretty things inthe world:a person’s sensual pleasure is lustful intention;the pretty points remain just as they are in the human being,yet the wise rerelocate the desire for them.
The wording is a little bit various relying on the translation but it"s meaning resembles that saying. Taste (or distaste) counts on each person"s perceptions & desire for the beautiful (or ugly) things in the human being. Disputing around them is futile because those desires are various from person to perboy and also depfinish on the worth each perboy qualities to those things.

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Postby Trindolex » Sun Oct 26, 2014 11:42 am

I vaguely recontact there being a sutta wright here 5 emperors each case that among the senses is chief, and then the Buddha comes alengthy and sets them directly however I forobtain exactly how. If anyone knows the reference and also any type of other pertinent references, it would certainly be appreciated.

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The discourse you point out is SN 3.12 (Five Kings).