Do you have anything in your mind? Do you have actually anything on your mind?

The initially form appears to be the many commonly used one. But the second form is additionally offered in some instances. And I am not certain if there is any distinction at all. If both are correct, what is the difference?


I don"t think in your mind would be provided as in your instance. However before we execute say:

Do you have anything in mind?

which indicates "What is it you are reasoning of?" or "Do you have a preference/suggestion?"

Want to go out for lunch?

Sure. What execute you have actually in mind?

How about that brand-new Thai place?

in your mind is provided to suppose "in your imagination".

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I swear, that man is after me.

Oh relax, it"s just in your mind.

And on your mind shows concern or preoccupation.

You look worried. Do you have actually anypoint on your mind?



And why would certainly Facebook say: What's on your mind? Does that intend problems... I don't think so.
When something or someone is on your mind, it implies that you think and concern around this thing or person a lot.

When you have somepoint or someone in your mind, you simply think of this thing or perboy without the worrying connotation.


When speaking of, or asking about, what someone is reasoning (or planning to do), overwhelmingly the most common wording is to ask what they have in mind (never have on mind)...

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I can not usage a chart to present the difference in between have in your mind and have on your mind, however normally the in version reflects the over thinking, planning sense. The on version is only provided in respect of obsessive, troubling thoughts which are preying on your mind. Sometimes quite much less extreme - not so much oppressive as ever so slightly bothersome. Just things which for some factor you"re diffident around saying to various other civilization.

OP"s Do you have actually anypoint in your mind? would not normally be supplied in any type of context - except perhaps facetiously, to mean something choose Do you not have actually any kind of capacity to think at all? The second variation would certainly be normal phrasing if you had reason to suspect something might be bothering the other perchild, however weren"t certain. If you knew somepoint was wrong you"d ask What"s on your mind?